BBC Symphony Orchestra to Version 1.1.8

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 7 May 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

BBC Symphony Orchestra to Version 1.1.8

Spitfire Audio has released their latest free update to BBC Symphony Orchestra (see our Review of Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra)– now known as BBC Symphony Orchestra Professional.

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Spitfire Audios BBC Symphony Orchestra is your professional orchestra working with you while you are performing and rehearsing for a long time. This is a massive library for composers that score on a professional level. Many instruments are included and they sound superb. This results in consistent performances and players that naturally perform together driven by the professional level and instinct who to complete the performance of a musician that sits next. This understanding and connection can only be developed and be in place when you play together as an orchestra for months if not years.

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New BBC Symphony Orchestra Content

Bass Flute

  • Long
  • Staccatissimo
  • Tenuto
  • Marcato
  • Long Flutter
  • Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Trill (Minor 2nd)

New BBC Symphony Orchestra Features

With the latest update, you will have the ability to use the two new editions of the library.

BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover

35 essential instruments, brought to life inside a lightweight and easy-to-use plugin. This library is perfect for a mobile rig or for anyone starting out in orchestral composition.

  • ~200MB version of the BBC Symphony Orchestra
  • 35 Instruments
  • 45 Techniques
  • 1 Mix (Full Mix)

BBC Symphony Orchestra Core

Offering a large range of instruments performing all the same techniques that feature in the Pro edition, with one mix signal, Core has been designed for composers wanting to create instantly professional sounding orchestral music, without taking up too much hard drive space.

  • ~30GB
  • 44 Instruments
  • 305 Techniques
  • 1 Mix (Full Mix)

Mode Switching – Share and Collaborate

Last but not least, each edition is fully interchangeable through Spitfire’s innovative mode switching technology, making it easier than ever to share and collaborate with fellow composers, regardless of which edition they own. This also makes Discover an extremely useful tool for composers working on the go, by installing on another machine and sharing session files between rigs.

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