Fender Hot Rod Deluxe George Benson Signature Model Review & Demo

  • By: Alex Scott
  • Date: Monday, 6 July 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe George Benson Signature Model Review & Demo

Thanks for watching our Fender GB George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe review. Every guitar player needs a great amp. Fender, with the help of George Benson, reworked their original Hot Rod amp that everyone knows and loves, and made it even better.

This amp is a great choice for professional, gigging, guitar players. With its features, custom upgrades, and great sound, the Fender GB George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe is a tastefully revised modern classic that is worthy to share a stage with any player.

This Fender amp has some notable features that separate it from other Hot Rod amps including:

  • 2-channel, 40-watt combo amplifier with Jensen C12K speaker for rich tone
  • Created with the help of George Benson
  • Dual 12AX7 preamp tubes plus one 12AT7 for big clean tones
  • Speaker output makes it easy to add an extension speaker cabinet
  • 2-button footswitch included

The stylish new look of the GB Hot Rod Deluxe is worthy of pointing out. A snakeskin like black-grey vinyl, silver strand grille cloth, and signature badge make this amp a pleasant sight indeed. It is something you would want to put on display in your living room.

All of that is built around a solid pine cabinet for enhanced sound and a lighter load. What also makes this amp special is the 100-watt Jensen C12K speaker as well as a lower gain 12AT7 tube.

This tube allows the amp to sound more mellow and smooth compared to its original counterpart. This amp is designed to sound great with jazz playing. But it also sounds solid with general all around rock styles as well (just maybe not thrash metal).

While not dramatically different from the original Hot Rod, the GB Deluxe features three channels (Normal, Drive, and More Drive), nine controls (Master Volume, Presence, Middle, Bass, Treble, Reverb, Drive Select Switch, Drive Volume, Bright Switch), two quarter-inch inputs and an effects loop, and ships with a two-button footswitch and a padded cover.

This amp is made by jazz players for jazz players. George Benson and Fender really wanted something stylish and ideal sounding for that style of music. And they accomplished that beautifully with the Fender GB Geroge Benson Hot Rod Deluxe.

With its features, custom upgrades, and great sound, it is a worthy investment for any jazz musician who is looking for a wonderfully refined sound.

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