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Limited Sound Explorers Collection Pack

Arturia launch a limited edition Sound Explorers box set. French music hardware and software developers release an exclusive in-store Sound Explorers box set. This collector’s item celebrates 20 years of innovative sound design and product innovation.

2020 marks Arturia’s 20 year anniversary

Twenty years of crafting inspiring instruments. Twenty years of providing musicians with tools to create unforgettable performances. Twenty years with you by our side: musicians, producers, and sound engineers, all sharing the same passion, all looking for deeper inspiration to elevate music to the next level.

 Sound Explorers Box Set Includes


A synth that combines incredible FM, virtual analog, sampling, and granular synth engines with unlimited modulation, packed full of presets made by big-name artists and sound designers. For more take a look at our Pigments an Innovate Synth by Arturia Review

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V Collection 7

23 legendary instruments brought back to life, including analog synths, classic pianos, quirky keyboards, and digital polysynths, with over 8,000 awe-inspiring presets. See also our V Collection 7 Review.

FX Collection

Circuit-accurate emulations of the most iconic effects and studio tools, supercharged with new features for modern production.

40 best-selling preset packs

Inspiring sounds from the Analog Lab and Pigments Sound Store giving you access to 700 lovingly crafted presets.

250GB hard drive

A selection of the most inspiring software titles and sound packs with spare external storage to store your valuable music projects. Installation is quick and easy.

Arturia decided to commemorate Arturia’s moment in sonic history by launching a very special, limited-edition release. The launch of this collector’s item marks Arturia’s intention to share this historical moment together. This package offers the best of Arturia’s 20 years of software development and products that have enabled us to grow alongside our dedicated and demanding fans.

Pricing and Availability

Sound Explorers is available now.

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