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Solid State Logic’s UF8 – Accelerated Creativity, Intelligent Production




Solid State Logic New UF8 Advanced DAW Controller

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UF8 Advanced DAW Controller

Designed for today’s DAW-based production workflows and ultrafast turn-around times, UF8 from Solid State Logic is an expandable 8-channel advanced DAW controller that connects engineers, producers, and artists directly to their creative process.

SSL UF8 is a scalable hardware control surface offering the essential DAW control you need, with room to add USB keyboard shortcut sequences to suit your own workflow. UF8 features 8 high-quality, motorized touch-sensitive faders accompanied by 8 endless rotary encoders and 8 high-quality color LCD TFTs for clear visual feedback at all times. A large multi-purpose master encoder allows navigation of DAW sessions, track scrolling, and mouse wheel emulation to give hands-on control of plug-ins. Signature SSL workflow and ergonomics developed from a 40+ year legacy in production innovation have never been more accessible.

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Solid State Logic’s UF8 – Accelerated Creativity, Intelligent Production 7

Built from 40+ year legacy of mastering workflows and a true understanding of studio production, UF8 offers intuitive features, advanced workflow and a tactile professional finish that distills SSL quality.

100 mm Touch-Sensitive Faders

Quality feel, engineered response and a volume curve that keeps engineers in the sweet spot. Anyone who has driven an SSL console knows not all faders are equal.

Hi-Resolution Colour Displays

Constant, clear visual feedback that only a full colour, high resolution display can provide. Key track information including level, pan, routing and names can be found here, keeping you focused on what matters.

8 Endless Rotary Encoders

V-POT technology and workflow as found in SSL AWS and Duality consoles. Seamlessly jump between parameters whist maintaining absolute control.

Intelligent CHANNEL Encoder

Featuring mouse scroll emulation, control any plug-in parameter you hover the mouse over with precision.


  • High-quality 100 mm touch-sensitive faders
  • High-resolution color displays
  • All-metal enclosure finished with a brushed, anodized top plate
  • 8 Endless Rotary Encoders
  • Custom Workflows with 43 assignable keys per UF8; 5 banks of 8 User Keys + 3 Quick Keys
  • Intelligent Multi-Purpose CHANNEL Encoder
  • Mouse Scroll Emulation; control of any plug-in parameter you hover the mouse over with absolute precision
  • Hi-Speed USB connectivity
  • DAW communication via HUI for Pro Tools. SSL software provides further workflow enhancements with the addition of features such as Channel and Plug-in Modes.
  • Connects to your computer via hi-speed USB – no need to deal with computer networks or ethernet cables.
  • DAW communication via MCP/MCU for Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Studio One and Ableton Live.
  • Powered by the SSL 360° Software application.
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Solid State Logic’s UF8 – Accelerated Creativity, Intelligent Production 8

Chain multiple UF8’s together to create your unique mixing system; build your perfect 16-24 channel music creation hub, or connect 4 UF8’s within a single system to create a 32-channel controller ideal for large post production or mixing sessions. (Image shows 3 units / 24 channel system)

UF8 Final set 3 units 15K.95c3f748e68ec123a129ce5851210f04
Solid State Logic’s UF8 – Accelerated Creativity, Intelligent Production 9

Rear Connectivity

The rear panel of UF8 features a USB ‘C’ type port for easy connection to the host computer (‘C’ to ‘C’ and ‘C’ to ‘A’ cables included with UF8), two jack sockets offering standard foot-switch connections and a socket for UF8’s auto-ranging external PSU. The USB ‘A’ port on UF8 can be used to daisy-chain USB communication between UF8s, or, it can be used to plug in any USB dongles you have.

UF8 rear 1080 wide.916dcd2be96c3497db4cfa31000bee83
Solid State Logic’s UF8 – Accelerated Creativity, Intelligent Production 10

Open DAW Policy 

UF8 integrates with all major DAWs and includes workflow ready templates for Ableton® Live™, Cubase™ / Nuendo™, Pro Tools®, Logic Pro X® and Studio One®. Many producers and engineers prefer to split their creative process across multiple DAWs. UF8 is uniquely flexible and promotes SSL’s Open DAW Policy – Control 3 different DAWs simultaneously and keep your production and mixdown process agile.

UF8 DAW group image.6a76cca49ed4aac047cfa80b76a960f4
Solid State Logic’s UF8 – Accelerated Creativity, Intelligent Production 11

The following DAWs are officially supported by UF8 and have dedicated profiles in SSL 360°. We only officially test with the most recent versions of each DAW software. In most cases, previous versions will also work fine.

  • Pro Tools®
  • Logic Pro X®
  • Cubase™ / Nuendo™
  • Ableton® Live™
  • Studio One®

Many other DAWs have HUI & MCU controller integration. At the time of writing, we provide dedicated UF8 profiles for the list of DAWs above. For more information on the kind of integration you can expect between UF8 and DAWs not listed above, please see this FAQ page via the button below.

Can I control plug-ins from UF8

Yes, any plug-in in the DAW can be controlled across the V-Pots (or faders with MCU DAWs). You can also control plug-ins that support mouse scroll, using the CHANNEL encoder in FOCUS mode. 

How does UF8 compare to Nucleus 2?

Control only – UF8 is purely a control surface. No analogue mic amps, soundcard or monitoring. 

Expandable – A UF8 system can scale from one UF8 (8 faders) to four UF8s (32 faders). Each UF8 added adds a further 43 assignable keys. 

SSL V-MIDI vs ipMIDI– UF8 uses an SSL V-MIDI (Virtual MIDI) driver, which is installed as part of the SSL 360° software. UF8 hardware connects via a USB cable directly to the DAW computer (or via a USB hub). This means there’s no network configuration required, as there is with Nucleus 2. It’s a  more straight-forward setup process for the user. 

HUI & MCU – Both UF8 and Nucleus 2 use HUI and MCU protocols to integrate with the various DAWs. However, many areas of DAW control are improved with UF8, specifically CHANNEL and PLUGIN modes for Pro Tools, which offer functionality above and beyond Nucleus 2.

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