Medusa Hybrid Synthesizer v4.0 Firmware Update is Available

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 7 April 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Medusa Synth: Firmware Update v4.0

Polyend known for bringing new technologies to creative musicians by building innovative and unique musical instruments, Polyend announces a major Medusa v4.0 firmware update which times up with the discontinuation of the Medusa Hybrid Synth production. The Medusa has played a very special role in Polyend growth and maturing, and its maintenance and technical support will be continued.

Medusa Hybrid Synthesizer v4.0 Firmware Update is Available 2

New firmware release brings some serious feature updates among the general improvements:

  • A new, fourth, play mode. A gritty 6-voice 3-operator digital FM synth engine with a 12-bit colored classic vibe. It supports five digital FM Algorithms and an extra analog voice. Comes with a new FM preset bank!
  • Improved Channel per Voice mode where each channel is now truly “per voice”, and not “per oscillator” as previously
  • Added MIDI Program Change for better control of the synth
  • Reworked pitch bend and glide for more musical output
  • Full LFO Synchronization with MIDI Clock with increased stability
  • And other fixes
  • Find and download the Medusa official v4.0 firmware with the detailed changelog at

Medusa official v4.0 Firmware and Presets

v4.0 Firmware Manual Addendum

About Polyend

Polyend is a company brought to life by Piotr Raczyński. Formed by a crew of dedicated professionals, it is located in the Land of Thousand Lakes in northeastern Poland. Focused on unveiling new possibilities in music for creative musicians. Polyend’s flagship instrument is now a highly specialized ‘back to the roots’ standalone audio workstation – the Tracker. With all upcoming unique projects and dreams turned into reality, Polyend proves it is only getting started on its creative path. Expect more great things to happen, this is still just a beginning.

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