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Forest Kingdom 3 by Eduardo Tarilonte & Best Service

The Forest Kingdom 3 is Eduardo Tarilonte’s latest library for composers and sound designers who want to compose music and atmospheric sounds for movies, documentaries, video games, or new-age music.

In addition to over 700 presets, 300 unique performance multi-track grooves, and over 20,000 individual samples, Forest Kingdom 3 includes over 17GB of sounds comprising flutes, harps, percussion instruments, mythical creatures, vocals, and stunning soundscapes.

  • 30 wind instruments (including 10 wonderful flutes made by Native Americans).
  • 90 ethnic percussion-instruments
  • Mythical creatures and voices of shamans
  • 210 fascinating soundscapes
  • 300 inspiring multitrack performance MIDI-Grooves
  • Over 700 presets
  • Over 20,000 individual samples

Mother Nature conducts what is probably the most comprehensive orchestra on earth. The wind blowing through the leaves, the birds singing loudly – countless natural instruments are constantly writing new and unique music. Forest Kingdom 3 is the sequel to the award-winning Best Service Forest-Kingdom-Series that transfers the sounds of forests and jungles to computer-based composition studios.

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The creator of the Forest Kingdom 3 natural world of sounds is Eduardo Tarilonte, who is known for libraries like “NADA”(Review of NADA, Meditation & New Age Sounds), “Dark ERA” (Dark Era by Best Service Review), and “Desert Winds”. Due to master attention to detail, sampling master Eduardo manages to take musicians all over the world on a journey through deserts, forests, and distant lands.

  • Percussion – 90 patches hosting numerous instruments from all over the world: Ambient Wind Chimes, Bata Drums (3), Berimbau, Claves, Culo e Puya Drums (3), Djembe, Frame Drum, Jawbone, Kalimba, Qraqueb, Quitipla, Shekere Set (3), Tibetan Bowl, Tribal Maracas I, Tribal Maracas II, Numerous Different Shakers, Chimes, Taiko, Duff, Cumacos, Slic Drum, Udu, Marimbola (a huge kalimba) and more!
  • Plucked – Offers the sound of two magical harps (acoustic and electric)
  • Wind – Forest Kingdom 3 contains an amazing collection of flutes. All of them feature the new Blow-Intensity-System that controls dynamics and expression and is connected to the Pitch-Bend-Wheel. In this category you will find, among others: Aztec Clay Flute I, Aztec Clay Flute II, Didgeridoo, Moseño Flute, Raj Nplaim Flute, Konkovka, Wooden Overtone Flute, PVC Overtone (phrases), Bulgarian piccolo flute, Kiowa flute, African Fula Flute, Double Flute, Mayan Seashell Horn, Xiao as well as a full collection of pan flutes from the smallest to the largest.
  • Voices – A beautiful ethereal solo voice with real legato and shaman phrases.
  • Fantasy Creatures – A set of sounds of fantasy creatures and bird calls.
  • Soundscapes – 210 inspiring and unique soundscapes by Eduardo Tarilonte.
  • Performance Grooves – 300 inspiring and editable multitrack-performance-MIDI-grooves that will give you three and a half hours of pure musical inspiration.

Forest Kingdom 3 works with Engine Version or higher.

Pricing and Availability

Forest Kingdom 3 is available now. There is also an upgrade option for registered users of a Forest Kingdom Library.

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