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Dark Era by Eduardo Tarilonte Review

Dark ERA produced by Eduardo Tarilonte guides us into the dark age where old northern gods determined the fate of mankind. Dark ERA discovers the Vikings and other tribes sounds and myths.

The producing companies shares details about the recording process to help you understand the effort that was put in. The stringed and wind instruments, as well as some of the drums being used for this library, have been handmade by the master instrument maker Benjamin Simao. The instruments were performed by :

  • Benjamin Simao: String Instruments, Shamanic Drums, Tympanum Romano
  • Iván Carlón: Wind Instruments
  • Adal Fernández del Castillo: Percussion
  • Moisés Pérez: Throat and Overtone Singing, Vocal Rhythms
  • Joaquim Manjón: Overtone Singing

During recording of the skin drums, special focus was paid to a full sounding, powerful bass while retaining punch. You can almost feel the sticks hitting the skins. This sound character will be preserved during the mix – present and powerful. In addition, the metallic percussion instruments, including an anvil and horseshoes, sound piercing and fierce.

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After purchase you download the library from the Best Service website, you need to authorize the library in the Best Service player called Engine. This is not a Kontakt player library.


Dark ERA, is, in a nutshell, a library packed with ancient pagan music and the sound of the Vikings. Personally, I have been using Eduardo Tarilonte for many years and was always remarkably happy with the quality of the other libraries he did release in the past. Eduardo Tarilonte sounds are known for always finds good use in projects as the tone and vibe is surpassing the competition and the Quality is constantly top notch. Dark Era is no exception form the past releases it is very inspirational and this sounds just as great again.

The vocal selections are very extensive as expected, you can with ease produce a believable northern Viking vibe and character, and a dark atmosphere. Perfect for your next project when the filmmaker has put the scene into this environment. The included drums and percussive sounds are widespread including excellent sounding frame drums and a wide variety of additional percussive instruments. Those virtual instruments are wrapped up with an extraordinary array of pads and soundscapes. Play those pad and soundscapes a bit longer as they develop over time.

Dark Era Instruments

  • Bowed Strings: Tagelharpa / Jouhikko Small, Tagelharpa / Jouhikko Big and Crwth.
  • Plucked Strings: Cologne Lyre, Ancient Lyre, Trossingen Lyre and Utrecht Lute.
  • Winds: War Horn, White Horn, Curved Horn, Shofar, Bukkehorn, Shell, Long Trumpet, Big Horn, Double Flute, Small Bone Flute, Vulture Bone Flute, Pictish Pipes, Elderwood Flute, Overtone Fujara, Didgeridoo and Wooden Lur.
  • Percussion: Shamanic Drum Small, Shamanic Drum Big, Big Frame Drum, 5 Square Drums, 2 Skin Drums, 2 Skin Snares, Skin Tom, Sieves, Anvil, 3 Viking Mouth Harps, Jawbone, Pan Medium, Pan Rusted, 7 Seed Shakers, Small Bells, 2 Cowbells, Bullroarer, Horseshoe and Bronze Mortar.

As expected Dark ERA is harmonious to the other ERA-series libraries. The libraries have been also recorded repeatedly by Jorge Calderón Muriel in the Eldana Studio in Spain. The captured instruments have captured by close microphones to gain full details. The recordings are also flexible enough to be shaped with external tools to taste.

User interface & Usability

The library has a great look and feel, I am not a big fan of the current version and release of the used Engine Sampler and look forward to a revamped release.

Dark ERA by Eduardo Tarilonte

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Composers who are composing to a dark age or fantasy style vibe for a trailer, to picture or games need to have this one. If you are a producer in need for some glue and special signature sounds for your next song you also need to take a look, not only lounge tracks will benefit from this collection. I could see modular being pulled out of their boring Elektro sounds into fusion and complete new lands.

Dark ERA is a northern god, fantasy and pagan style library, super versatile. You get that northern ancient sound. Dark Era is a must-have if you are excited by the barbaric Vikings and the northern vibe. There is a strange connection I have when I hear these rare ethnic instruments. Dark Era manages to be lovely, deep, and disturbing.

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