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VOLTA Industrial Sound Design Elements

VOLTA is a selected industrial sound design collection, recognizing SampleTraxx cooperating with Si Begg to produce a disturbing aesthetic meticulously crafted from live recordings of bespoke instruments and organic sounds for a new class of sonic elements.

The VOLTA Industrial Sound Design Elements sound-pack comes with 2 folders: Designed and Raw, giving you 380+ sounds.

1.6Gb of content
• 380 Wav sounds 48/24
• Designed – 280 Wav sounds 
• Raw – 100 Wav sounds

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The DESIGNED folder is filled with signature sound effects derived from extended techniques including Elbows, contact mics, transducer mic feedback, bowed wires, broken guitars, friction mallets, 2-meter cardboard tubes, huge steel sheets, and many indescribable custom made instruments.

The RAW folder contains the original recordings in their pure form, which have been edited and mastered to complement the designed sounds to give an exclusive sonic arsenal you can’t find anywhere else.

This incredible sonic mash-up and forward-thinking sound design collection will be invaluable in the studio when you need the inspiration to supercharge your productions and create something unique.

Pricing and Availability

Get VOLTA Industrial Sound Design Elements now for only €49/$49. (40% Off storewide /// Use coupon TRAXX21 at the checkout ///)

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