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One Global Nation Under a Groove – Kageyama Taikos

The most expressive Taiko drum library ever made. This is the perfect, versatile sound for any project and genre!

Taiko drums have been heard in recent years far beyond the borders of Japan. The deep yet crisp sound they produce can be found featured on recorded and live music around the world, making them an international phenomenon that’s not going away anytime soon!

You will be able to hear Impact Soundworks’ new series of taiko drums in a variety of settings, from solo performances and epic orchestral works. These detailed recordings have been captured with an intimate studio sound that shines equally well for both traditional tunes or those you’ve dreamed up yourself!

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  • Chudaiko: 18-inch mid-sized drum; crisp edge, rich resonant center
  • Odaiko: 32-inch large drum; deep, booming sound with a dry edge, rich central wash
  • Shimedaiko: “Tightened” drum; higher register to soar over other percussion
  • Okedo (1.5 and 1.4): “Barrel” drum; heavy attack and clear definition
  • Atarigane (Low and High): Played with a mallet; clear, metallic sound
  • Hyoshigi: Wood blocks; full, resonant sound

The power and presence of Japanese drums, recorded with a focus on authenticity. Kageyama Taikos shines in traditional music but can be equally at home wherever your imagination takes it: pop or rock; jazz fusion—it’s a versatile performance that features master percussionist Isaku Kageyama playing eight distinct solo instruments.

Kageyama Taikos features the dynamic performance of master percussionist Isaku Kageyama on eight distinct drums, each sampled with a variety of playing techniques.

Pricing and Availability

Kageyama Taikos is available now for the introductory price of $79 (MSRP: $99) through the Impact Soundworks web store. It runs in the FULL version of Kontakt 6 to take full advantage of its latest effects and features.

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