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Sonora Cinematic – Poiesis Cello: Create Beautiful Music Instantly




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Sonora Cinematic – Poiesis Cello is a Kontakt library that will allow you to create beautiful music instantly. This library includes organic textures and extended techniques for more unique sounds. Sonora Cinematic – Poiesis Cello is the first release in this series, which aims to bring cinematic soundscapes into your productions with ease.

The vibe of Sonora Cinematic – Poiesis Cello

Poiesis cello was recorded in a dry studio with three high-end microphones placed relatively close to the instrument so that you can shape it as desired.

A nice intimate sound is what we aim for here at Poietic!

The microphones used are a Neumann U87 large-diaphragm condenser (LDC), an AEA R84A ribbon, and Schoeps CMC/mk4 small Diaphaigc Condensers. There’s also pre-rendered stereo mix with single mics in LCR position ready to use which provides a resourceful way of obtaining great-sounding right out the box without any extra work!

The instrument recorded is Yo-Yo Ma’s 1995 Moes & Moes cello, built for and owned by him. It was played beautifully by Alan Black who has also performed with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra as well!

Textures & Shorts

Poiesis Cello is a tool for composers and performers. It has two different patches: one to help with composition, the other as an instrument which can be played by anyone who knows how it’s flicked open or closed like so many old school cellos that pop up every now then on YouTube videos playing classical music from centuries past–though maybe not quite what you’re expecting if your thoughts went something more modern such as Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (or even worse).

Textures is a two-layer instrument that allows you to choose between any of the 43 included articulations for each layer and freely crossfade between them using your keyboard’s mod wheel (midi CC#1). It also includes default patches as well as providing an opportunity to share/download other users’ sounds.

What are cello Textures?

Textures are considered to be the markings on a surface of an object. In terms of music, textures describe how you can hear sounds like more than one note or sound that is often referred to as polyphony. The number and types of voices present in a texture will determine what kind it is – from monophonic (single-note textures), such as a drone, to the most complex – polyphonic (multi-note textures) with many independent lines sounding at once.

Cello Textures: How do they sound?

When we think of cello sounds, we usually remember their beautiful and rich tone. However, there are times when you can use this particular tone to create a very unique effect. The cello can sound dark and gloomy, as well as uplifting and bright – so try different combinations of notes to achieve the desired mood!

Cellos are often used in cinematic or ambient music because they have such an impressive range from deep lows to high highs making them great for adding tension with low tones, or adding a feeling of great beauty with the high notes.

Shorts is a complimentary patch that features three different velocities for each articulation, sampled with 5 round robins and 3 dynamic layers. The snap pizz on the pizzicato sound will change depending upon how hard you play it to give your music an extra touch of life!

What are Cello Shorts?

Cello Shorts are the perfect addition to your Cello Cinematic tool belt. The two patches included in this library offer very different options for creating beautiful cinematic textures that will bring life and emotion into any project you work on!

Poiesis Cello requires Kontakt Player 6.5.3+

The first chapter in the Poiesis strings series is finally here! This music will make you feel like your feet are on fire, with blood racing through them. It’s intense and powerful; perfect for defining moments of change or transformation.”

Sonora Cinematic has always loved organic textures and we love extended techniques: this is why our newest release, Poiesis Cello. This cello will allow you to instantly create beautiful (or beautifully ugly!) soundscapes that are sure to inspire new music for any project type!

Pricing and Availability

Sonora Cinematic – Poiesis Cello is available now.

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