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VOCAL AI – Animated Intelligence: The Ultimate Vocal Playground




VOCAL AI Animated Intelligence The Ultimate Vocal Playground

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VOCAL AI – Animated Intelligence by Sample Logic

VOCAL AI – Animated Intelligence is a revolutionary Kontakt instrument that combines human vocals, synthesis, and morphing effects, resulting in a highly creative and expressive virtual instrument. This unique collection showcases voices from around the globe, integrated with an advanced multi-core performance engine, allowing you to create music that bursts with dynamic motion, beautiful timbres, and fascinating textural diversity.

Sample Logic has meticulously captured the essence of various cultures, vocal inflections, tones, and techniques from Asia, Africa, Egypt, Europe, Persia, the United Kingdom, and more.

This stunning combination of traditional symphonic soloists, choirs, and beatbox effects forms the basis of VOCAL AI’s creative animations and cinematic motion, featuring over 450 expertly crafted instruments.

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Discover the Power of Vocal AI: A Comprehensive Vocal Instrument with Unlimited Creative Potential

Vocal AI is an innovative and powerful virtual instrument providing unparalleled vocal possibilities for modern music producers and composers. With a massive library of 456 instruments and presets 5.5 GB of sample content. Over 25 multi-sampled vocalists and choirs sourced worldwide, this instrument is designed to inspire and elevate your music productions.

The heart of Vocal AI lies in its advanced quad-core audio engine, which allows for seamless integration of multiple layers of vocals, effects, and synthesis. This is further enhanced by including Step & FX Animators, LFOs, and an XY Core Mixer, all of which contribute to the creation of unlimited motion and unique sonic textures.

Vocal AI’s user experience is designed with efficiency and ease of use. The dynamic tag-based preset browser enables users to quickly navigate the vast collection of sounds, while randomization features encourage experimentation and discovery of new sonic landscapes.

The drag & drop MIDI pattern capabilities allow straightforward integration with your favorite DAW, making it an essential tool for any music production workflow.

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One of the standout features of Vocal AI is its hot-swappable effects chain technology. This innovative approach allows users to easily swap, rearrange, and customize the effects chain, creating truly unique and personalized sounds.

Vocal AI is a comprehensive and versatile vocal instrument that offers unlimited creative potential for modern music producers and composers.

Its extensive library of sounds, advanced audio engine, and user-friendly features make it an essential tool for exploring new sonic territories and taking your music productions to the next level.

User Interface: Limitless Vocal

Motion at Your Fingertips VOCAL AI’s user interface offers an intuitive control system for exploring various performance animation possibilities. The tag-based system enables easy presets browsing by genre and theme, while the favorites feature allows quick recall of your preferred settings. The interface also supports the creation of custom 4-core instruments or the selection of ready-made multi-core presets.

Animated Intelligence: Simplicity Meets Creativity

Designed for ease of use, VOCAL AI’s interface features a logical structure and intuitive navigation for efficient preset building and rapid workflows.

Animated Intelligence Simplicity Meets Creativity
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The Step Animator allows for unlimited arpeggiator options, bringing life to your projects with exciting sequences and rhythmic flair. The intelligent communication between arpeggiators and performance parameters results in captivating musical narratives with dynamic humanization.

Random Brilliance: Discover the Unexpected

VOCAL AI’s randomizer feature is perfect for those seeking something special when pressed for time. This intelligent tool generates unique sounds, offering endless experimentation possibilities with numerous adjustable parameters, settings, and randomization filters.

The potential for creating custom instruments goes beyond the included presets, providing limitless production possibilities with each use.

Vocal AI: Redefining Sound Design with an Innovative Fusion of Vocals, Synthesis, and Cinematic Expression

The innovative blend of human vocals, synthesis, and morphing effects in Vocal AI is a groundbreaking approach to modern sound design, offering a unique sonic palette that caters to traditional and contemporary music productions.

By incorporating organic vocal recordings from a diverse range of cultures and styles, and fusing them with cutting-edge synthesis techniques, Vocal AI takes vocal-based virtual instruments to new heights. This fusion enriches the timbre of the sounds and unlocks the potential for creating captivating and emotionally charged music that transcends conventional boundaries.

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Creative animation and cinematic expression are integral to the Vocal AI experience, providing users with a versatile platform to craft intricate and dynamic sonic landscapes. The powerful quad-core audio engine, Step & FX Animators, and LFOs work harmoniously, breathing life into the instrument and generating rich, multi-layered textures.

By harnessing the vast array of vocal samples, synthesis capabilities, and morphing effects, composers and producers can construct evocative and immersive audio experiences that resonate with their audiences. Vocal AI’s innovative approach to sound design enables creators to explore uncharted territories and redefine how human vocals are utilized in music and audio production.

Explore Limitless Creativity with Vocal AI’s Diverse Instrument Categories for Every Music Production Style

VOCAL AI, offers various instrument categories, allowing users to create various moods, textures, and styles in their music production. Categories such as Airy, Ambient-Ethereal, and Pads provide atmospheric and spacious sounds, while Bass, Beat Box, and Percussive cater to rhythmic and groove-based elements. Including Male, Female, Alto, Tenor, and Soprano vocals ensure a comprehensive range of vocal timbres and expressions.

Explore Limitless Creativity with Vocal AIs Diverse Instrument Categories for Every Music Production Style
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For more experimental and avant-garde compositions, categories like Dissonant, Experimental, and Sound Design offer unique and unconventional sonic possibilities. Additionally, the instrument features various motion-based categories, such as Fast Motion and Slow Motion, enabling dynamic and evolving soundscapes.

With many types like Warm-Rich, Synth-Electronic, and Wild-Stutter, VOCAL AI, ensures that composers and producers can access a vast and versatile sonic palette catering to every creative need.

Composing with Vocal AI

Composing with Vocal AI is an exciting and intuitive experience, especially when using the powerful randomizer feature. This innovative tool is perfect for those moments when you’re searching for something unique or when time is of the essence.

The randomizer generates fresh, unparalleled sounds on-the-fly, breathing new life into your creative process and often producing unexpected, delightful results.

Unleash Your Creativity with Vocal AI’s Powerful Randomizer: A Gateway to Unique and Captivating Compositions

To get started, engage the randomizer and let it work its magic. With numerous adjustable parameters, settings, and over a dozen randomization filters, the possibilities for experimentation are virtually endless. As a result, you’ll be presented with trillions of potential sound combinations and personalized custom instruments that go beyond the extensive collection of presets already included in Vocal AI.

Unleash Your Creativity with Vocal AI
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The randomizer is an excellent way to break free from creative block or discover new sonic ideas you may not have thought otherwise.

Each attempt with the randomizer presents a new opportunity for limitless production possibilities, allowing you to craft truly unique and captivating compositions. Whether you’re a seasoned composer or just starting, the Vocal AI randomizer is an invaluable tool that unlocks a world of unbounded creativity, ensuring that your music always stands out.

Exploring the Art of Sound Design: Unleashing Creativity and Shaping Immersive Audio Experiences

Sound design is a critical aspect of music production, film, gaming, and other forms of multimedia, involving the creation, manipulation, and shaping of audio elements to craft a unique sonic experience. Sound designers use various techniques, tools, and technologies to evoke emotions, build atmosphere, and complement a project’s visual or narrative aspects.

From subtle ambiances to impactful sound effects, the art of sound design has the power to immerse audiences and enhance storytelling in profound ways.

Exploring the Art of Sound Design Unleashing Creativity and Shaping Immersive Audio
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One of the key components of sound design is the synthesis and processing of audio elements. This includes synthesizers, samplers, and other virtual or hardware instruments to generate or modify new sounds. Sound designers may also employ effects, such as reverb, delay, modulation, and distortion, to further shape the tonality and character of the sounds they create.

Another crucial aspect of sound design is the arrangement and layering of audio elements to form cohesive soundscapes. This involves carefully selecting, editing, and positioning sounds in the mix to create depth, dimension, and a sense of space.

Sound designers must possess a keen understanding of audio frequencies and dynamics and an ability to manipulate these elements to achieve the desired outcome creatively.

In addition to technical knowledge and expertise, sound designers must also have a strong sense of creativity and imagination. They are often tasked with inventing new and unconventional sounds that evoke specific emotions or atmospheres, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with audio.

Collaboration with other creative professionals, such as composers, directors, and game developers, is also essential in ensuring that the sonic elements of a project align with its overall vision and aesthetic.

Overall, sound design plays a pivotal role in the success of any multimedia project, shaping the way audiences perceive and engage with the content.

As the field continues to evolve with advancements in technology and innovative tools like Vocal AI, sound designers are presented with even greater opportunities to explore the limitless possibilities of audio and create truly immersive and captivating experiences.

Dive into the world of sound design with Vocal AI

Dive into sound design with Vocal AI – an innovative Kontakt instrument that revolutionizes how we approach vocals, synthesis, and morphing effects in music production. With hundreds of expertly crafted presets at your fingertips, Vocal AI caters to your every creative need, whether you’re just starting out or an experienced sound designer seeking new inspiration.

The user-friendly interface allows for intuitive control and customization, offering a wealth of performance animation possibilities to enrich any preset. Browse a range of presets using the tag-based system, with options from simple and evolving to intricately sequenced ensembles. Quickly locate the perfect sound for your project, and save your favorites for easy recall later on.

Vocal AI’s powerful quad-core engine and innovative randomizer feature open up limitless creative potential. Craft your unique 4-core instruments by combining individual sources, cores, and step animators, or choose from ready-made multi-core presets to jumpstart your composition.

Explore Vocal AI’s vast sonic landscape and let your imagination run wild in this groundbreaking vocal playground. Whether you’re looking to create classic melodies, immersive soundscapes, or cutting-edge sounds, Vocal AI has you covered.


VOCAL AI, a follow-up to WORLD AI, offers a remarkable blend of organic and modern vocals suitable for scoring or contemporary music production. Praised for its depth and inspiration, this SampleLogic Kontakt library allows users to explore unparalleled vocal possibilities.

Distinctive and unlike any other vocal-based virtual instrument, VOCAL AI has already become an invaluable addition to many composers’ toolboxes. With its ability to take the human voice in unexpected and captivating directions, VOCAL AI is an inspiring and surprising instrument for music creators.

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VOCAL AI – Animated Intelligence is a game-changing virtual instrument for Kontakt that elevates your music productions with an innovative fusion of human vocals, synthesis, and morphing effects.

Its intuitive user interface, animated intelligence, and randomizer feature make it an essential tool for composers and producers seeking to create fresh, dynamic, and captivating vocal pieces. Unleash your creativity and let your voice be heard with VOCAL AI – Animated Intelligence.

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