eXplorer4 bundle by Rob Papen Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 11 April 2019
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eXplorer4 bundle by Rob Papen Review

Rob Papen synth and tools bundle eXplorer4 includes an extensive collection of synthesizer, EQ, and effect plugins.

To cut it short several of the synth you need to open then and could use them asap for your next project. The vast variety of included patches are excellent. Rob Papen did send a review copy with no strings attached.


You download from your user area and authorize the included products. It is all straightforward.


Rob Papen is part of the group of leading sound designers. Rob did release over the past decade many high rated synths that became an essential instrument for many producers. The sounds have been used in music or in a score to picture.

With the eXplorer4 bundle your get virtual synths and effects plugins, including a vast collection of presets, especially in the synth instruments.

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  • RP-Amod: modulation effects for vocal tracks, instruments, and drums
  • Punch-BD: Based on the BD module of Punch virtual drum synth to produce the fattest sounding bass drums
  • Blade: The cutting edge additive synthesizers
  • BLUE-II: Maybe the most famous instrument from Rob Papen a Cross-fusion synthesis
  • RP-Delay: Delay, reverser, six lines, eight filters, 4 LFOs & more
  • RP-Distort:  Helps to distort or modify your tracks
  • RP-EQ: Silk sounding channel and mastering EQ
  • RG: Electric & acoustic guitar grooves with sequencer and effects
  • Predator:  fat-sounding analog-modeled synth with killer presets
  • PredatorFX: Filter, modulation, vocoder, and effects
  • Predator 2: The GoTo Synth
  • Punch: Speaker busting and body rattling drum machine
  • RAW: EDM synthesizer with the massively distorted sounds
  • SubBoomBass: Ultra-deep groove bass synth with a built-in step sequencer
  • SubBoomBass 2: Ultimate bass synthesizer
  • RP-Verb 2:  insanely powerful reverb plugin
Blue II by Rob Papen

The different included synths cover all types styles with, and I want to the point that out firmly with an extensive and usable collection of presets for every included instrument.

eXplorer4 is comprehensive synth and effects. The Effects are usable some shine however you would buy this bundle for the synths. Rob Papen is recognized by many for his particular synths products that come with overall excellent sound quality. You get sounding deep bases with sub-bottom (SUBBOOMBASS 2), and a large variety of different sounding synthsn.

You can look into the details of each synth here: SubBoomBass 2Predator 2BladeBLUE-II, SubBoomBassPredatorRG, and RAW.

As some synths have been updated to complete new version this collection does include the earlier version which comes with different sound and tone quality. This is an excellent choice the company made as you still get supported what could be seen as an older version of synth that is supported and sounds ridiculously good.

User interface & Usability

The UI may need to be improved as with modern high-resolution screens you may have issues scanning everything. Rob has a useful YouTube Channel where he covers at length all his products. Look for an easy option which reduces the complexity of the synth to a less feature-rich interface which you may find quicker to use.

RAW in Easy Mode
RAW in Easy Mode

Generally speaking, the instruments offer a huge of amount of sound design flexibility due to the filters included, always start with the presets.


Rating:  Five out of five stars

The eXplorer4 bundle is a beautiful collection of Rob’s famous synths and effects. The astonishing synths are detailed when it comes to available settings and parameter you can adjust, allowing you to produce sophisticated sounds or (just) use the many valuable presets. The sound quality of the samples used is particularly fresh and stimulating. Sub-bottom Bass lines are crushing and robust. You get a lot of synthesizer bang for the buck plus some additional tools. Rob Papen’s virtual instrument bundle is a must buy.

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