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Cyberia by The Unfinished Review

Cyberia is an Omnisphere sound set collection of exciting, cutting-edge, cinematic instruments and sounds for your next composition.

Omnisphere Cyberia by The Unfinished Review Transitions Effects

The Unfinished did send a review copy with no strings attached. We did receive a copy before the release to allow us to prepare the review for StrongMocha.com. Matt Bowdler is the primary person behind this newest sound set.

Matt also mentions several individuals that helped to finish the production: Antal Nusselder, Hilgrove Kenrick, Ingo Wegener, Jonathan Sharp, Jonathan van den Wijngaarden, Maliki Ramia, Panos Kolias, Peter Jeremias, Stephan Baer, Yaiza Varona and Sarah, Emilia & Charlotte Bowdler.

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Omnisphere Cyberia


After download, you unpack the Omnisphere Cyberia sound set. Within Omnisphere you can rather easily install the new collection through the Omni Utility option. You do need to select the “The Unfinished Omnisphere Cyberia.omnisphere” file and Omni adds the patches to your user directory.

Omnisphere Cyberia by The Unfinished Review Install in Omni 2
Omnisphere Cyberia – select “The Unfinished Omnisphere Cyberia.omnisphere” in Unpacked Folder to install


Omnisphere Cyberia is a sound set of 300 patches for Omnisphere 2. It covers a broad range of ARPs. Including undulating basslines, bowed drones, atonal pulsations, thrashy guitars, sinister synths, glitchy textures, hi-octane loops, notable impacts, grimy organic pads, setting atmospheres and spine-chilling effects.

Omnisphere Cyberia by The Unfinished Review Hits and Bits

There is a right mix of different moods and emotions, easily used to create tension. Matt or The Unfinished joined a healthy mix of with dark and low end with lighter sounds and an appropriate blend of organic and synthetic sounds. Matt is nevertheless finding and using great sound patches in Omnisphere to build unusual and well-balanced instruments.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Cyberia is a sound set collection for Omnisphere 2 for a modern composer who works on the next project and needs anxious, energetic, radiant, rough and complex melodic movements.

When I did first hear the teaser I was extensively impressed. Matt continues to produced and developed a new instrument sets far outside his regular Omnisphere collection that you see on the market. Cyberia sound way ahead of many other Omni sound sets that you can get these days, well done Matt or The Unfinished.

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Cyberia (Omnisphere sound set) by The Unfinished Review
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