PAD MOTION – Cinematic Pads with Movement

PAD MOTION – Cinematic Pads with Movement is under review today, Sample Fuel is focusing on Halion sound packs that are so exceptionally good that you wish them to be released on more platforms as well.

PAD MOTION is based on the CRE8 (also by Sample Fuel) Engine. The library is a Halion Sonic SE sound set. The company has not plan to support Kontakt as what is possible for them to deliver in Halion is not easily possible to create in those other platforms. The producer who is also a professional composer has been using the HALion platform for many years.

The producing company aims to create this pad engine and instrument was not to be just another pad library but to deliver a product that would be the best pad library on the market for the modern day media composer. Sample Fuel did send a review copy with no strings attached.

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You need the Halion SE player to run the pads. The installation routine is described and easy. When you register for Halion SE keep in mind that you receive one license per email if you lost the old one just register a new email for the codes. As you run into an issue with the PAD MOTION, I would recommend sticking to one Halion SE. It is being addressed to become more comfortable.


PAD MOTION – Cinematic Pads with Movement leverages four distinct from creating pads that are usable by any composer for a wide range of genres. The CRE8 Engine as a baseline is capable of producing four kinds of synthesis for THE PAD MOTION. The four models are GRANULAR, SAMPLE PLAYBACK, Analog Modeling, and Wavetable synthesis.

Sample Fuel uses Halion (The free version Halion SE works) to deliver a hybrid synth platform performing pad for various moods. Sample Fuel demonstrates how Halion can annihilate Kontakt as a synth player engine. An alternative platform would be Falcon which got great new content over the past year and is getting more and more popular.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

PAD MOTION – Cinematic Pads with Movement is outstanding to produce pads that have a unique vibe. You need a complex motion for underscore or in the background of your main track look no further this library creates different moods and textures.

Pad Motion is one of the gems available for composer and as the other libraries from Sample Fuel made me use Halion again. Always try to combine the different features, also start to experiment for example by freezing the motion and hear what happens.

PAD MOTION is a top production tool for cinematic sound design, scoring to picture and modern electronic music production. It contains a gold mine of cinematic sounds to enhance your scoring.

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PAD MOTION - Cinematic Pads with Movement by SAMPLE FUEL Review
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