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String Machines 2 – Warm Vintage Sounds by UVI Review




UVI String Machine 2 Featured

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String Machines 2 – Warm Vintage Sounds by UVI Review

String Machines 2 is an organic, warm sounding library which comes with that cheap factor as those analog string machines tried and by today’s standard also failed to produce realistic string sounds.

For real sounding string instruments you would reach out to another library, you want this library for the well known and nowadays charming sound. UVI did send a review copy with no strings attached.


You download the library from your UVI user area and launch the library UVI’s Workstation or Falcon also by UVI. The library was built on a basis of 46,000 samples. Required  are the free UVI Workstation 3+ or (paid) Falcon 1.5+ – You need 17GB of disk space


String Machines 2 includes a large collection of  60 string synthesizers. UVI collected, recovered and sampled all those different vintage synths producing String Machines 2.

String Machines 2  you can produce marvelous keys, pads, brass, bass, voices, piano sounds and more with the warm analog timbres of vintage string synths. As there are well above 45,000 samples used to build this library you can combine the sounds of multiple synth machines together to produce hybrid vibes.

Overall these machines have been sampled: Omni 2 • Quadra • CRUMAR T3 • Multiman • Performer • Stringman • EKO Stradivarius • ELECTRONICA EM-25 • ELECTRONICA EM-26 • Rhapsody 490 • Rhapsody 610 • Twin 61 • EMINENT 310 • EMINENT K150 • Morpheus • EXCELSIOR Strings Synthesizer K4 • FARFISA Polychrome • Soundmaker • FARFISA String Orchestra • FARFISA Syntorchestra • FORMANTA EMS-01 • FREEMAN String Symphonizer • Godwin Symphony 249 • HOHNER String Performer •  HOHNER-LOGAN String Melody • HOHNER-LOGAN String Melody II • JEN SM2007 • Junost-21 • Delta • EPS-1 • Lambda • Poly Ensemble 1000 • Poly Ensemble 2000 • Symphony O3 • Trident Mk1 • LOGAN Big Band • LOGAN Piano String Synthesizer • LOGAN Vocalist • Opus 3 • Matrix-12 • PAiA Strings • Russian Opus • RS-09 • RS-101 • RS-202 • RS-505 • VP330 Mk1 • VP330 Mk2 • SCI Prelude • SIEL Cruise • SIEL Orchestra • SOLINA • SOLTON Programmer 24 • TEISCO SX400 • German Box • CE20 • CE25 • SK15 • SK20 • SK30 • SK50D • SS30

Screen Shot 2018 09 15 at 17.14.49

6 years ago UVI released String Machines, which captured 11
of the most iconic of these synths. Compared to the older version UVI added:

  • Updated voice architecture including new modulations
  • Master effect section with EQ, Drive, Thorus, Phasor, Delay, Sparkverb and authentic Ensemble
  • Faster load times- Sleek unified interface design
  • 355 new hand-crafted patches
  • * 51 new synths

User interface & Usability

The UI’s designed by UVI is easy and straightforward to use. This library is no exception from the high-quality recent UVI sound collection meet.

String Machines 2 Warm Vintage Sounds by UVI UI
String Machines 2 – Warm Vintage Sounds by UVI UI

You can start with any of the included 355 presets designed to get you started. From there with experimentation or mixing different sounds you can create great sounding new vibes.

String Machines 2 is designed with two discrete layers merging 842 included synthesizer sounds.

String Machines 2 Warm Vintage Sounds by UVI Review

Rating:  Four out of five stars

String Machines 2  recreates the warm sound and vibe of vintage analog string synthesizer instruments. It has a pleasant mild pure sound recollective of hardware instruments. As you can use it as a dual layer and mix sounds and sound sources from any of the included instruments you can easily create unheard sounds. Truly, this is a really incredible library. 

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