• By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 2 October 2018
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Accusonus welcomes the fall season with a sale on their beatmaking bundle, valid until the 8th of October 2018.

Extract stems from your loops with Regroover and instantly transform the sound of your beats using BeatformerGet the Full Bundle at $219 ( Reg.$563)

Regroover Pro + ALL Expansion Packs + Beatformer

Regroover Pro By Accusonus Review split

Regroover is an award-winning tool based on artificial intelligence that splits your audio loops into stems. Use Regroover to instantly remix your loops via the easy-to-use stem markers. Export and save isolated beat elements and create inspiring drum kits.

Regroover Pro By Accusonus Review Synth Loop

We did review Regroover Pro. Regroover uses Machine Learning. Machine Learning is at its core a set of rules and teachings that a machine understands. In other words there the developer coded some algorithms into the program to know how it can split up a drum loop. This is not an AI Machine Learning tool based in the cloud, it runs on your MAC or Windows machine. Get Regroover Pro at $149 (Reg. $219)


Beatformer by accusonus Review Presets

Beatformer is a beat-sculpting plugin with four intuitive knobs:Boom, Punch, Air, Squash. Beatformer allows you to bring energy and add character to your beats without compromising musicality. Add substance to thin sounds and glue your drum mix together. Works great with synths and other melodic elements too!

Beatformer by accusonus Review

We did review Beatformer earlier. Beatformer allows you to sculpt your drum beats with this plugin. This plugin shines with your instruments tracks and injects new vibe into breaks and loops you got elsewhere. Get Beatformer $79 (Reg. $99)

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