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GOLDPLATE by The House of Kush & Relab Review

Kush & Relab have partnered up to develop Goldplate. With this new solution, the world of reverb has “officially gone full pimp.” Kush and Relab aim to provide an effect plugin that sounds equally incredible across the full range of its reverb time.

Kush Audio has a subscription model as of Nov 2018 a  Kush Plugin Subscription is $9.99/mo or $99/yr. If you into a subscription this is a good option. The Goldplate Perpetual License is $199. 


You download the plugin( window or MAC version) from the Kush website. Using iLok, you do need to enter the activation code you receive after purchase. There is a time-limited demo code available as well.

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GOLDPLATE – DYNAMIC PLATE REVERB by The House of Kush Download


Kush Audio has entered the reverb market with a high-end reverb plugin. What makes a Kush Audio plugin so special is that the vibe and sound that comes with it. Goldplate produces that unique tone by adding harmonics and distortion.

GOLDPLATE by The House of Kush & Relab and PROJECT CHAOS by Hybrid Two

If you are into the tone character of Kush Plugins you are closer to making a decision to get another reverb plugin. This time from Kush. Other plugins simulate vintage technology, generate sound spaces that exist or could be imagined to be on a remote planet. Reverb plugins hold different positions in the market. Goldplate is for Kush plugin lovers that are after the Kush vibe and don’t care about the technology used really.


The plugin sounds fine across many applications and has the Kush signature warm distortion and glues it together in a thick, lush and ear-pleasing vibe.

GOLDPLATE – DYNAMIC PLATE REVERB by The House of Kush used with Empty Fields F2

Goldplate was jointly developed by Kush Audio and Relab is a child of two teams bringing the best of both sides to the table and you as a professional get easy to use and great sounding reverb.

Relab is known in the industry for leading reverb plugin, and we plan to review their products soon as well. Kush, on the other hand, is known for rich, silky, smooth sounding plugins with that special sauce for a unique vibe. The result when two leading developer companies join forces is an extra full and lush reverb.

While this may give the impression that Kush adds the technology to attach harmonics and saturation. The Kush team did contribute their proprietary oversampling algorithm and filters, freeing up essential cycles of CPU. Oversampling is key when it comes to using it in a plugin to reduce artifacts which you can only address by oversampling. 

User interface & Usability

Kush Audio plugin is designed to be easy to use, in other Kush plugins you don’t get much of metering features. Kush forces you to adjust tone in other plugins by using the knobs which out showing numbers. This approach forces you to listen to the result instead of looking for a result based on numbers. Now with the reverb effect, Kush did have to compromise as you do need to see more of what you control instead of listening to the results when you control settings.

GOLDPLATE – DYNAMIC PLATE REVERB by The House of Kush Interface

Included Presets

There are plenty of presets included. Beneficial ones from both companies, and other contributors. I did miss the premium presets from Nathan Daniel.

GOLDPLATE – DYNAMIC PLATE REVERB by The House of Kush Selected Presets

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Goldplate is a Reverb Plugin from Kush that produces that lush, silky smooth, beautiful reverb.

What makes a kush plugin so special is the secret sauce by adding harmonics to add the vibe that made Kush plugin overall so famous. Goldplate is an outstanding fantastic plate reverb plugin that sits so elegantly in my mix and soon yours, and it has the secret kush sauce included.

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