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Car Explosions by TONSTURM is a professionally recorded high-quality car explosion sound effect library.

TONSTURM releases royalty-free, high-quality sound effect libraries for sound designers who work in the field of films, games, and arts or anyone who is serious about sound design and sound effects. We did review earlier this year also TRAVELER by TONSTURM.

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Tilman Hahn Emil Klotzsch
Emil Klotzsch & Tilman Hahn

TONSTURM is founded by Tilman Hahn and Emil Klotzsch. Both work as Sound Designers and Sound Editors in Cologne, Germany and share the passion for recording sounds.  They created this platform not just to provide unique sound effects, but also to live out their passion. The company did send a review copy with no strings attached.


You download and receive over 1,2 GB of WAV files covering the different explosion and destructions of the car.


Car Explosions features Brutal sounding explosions that tear apart entire cars all professionally recorded and delivered in high-quality.

blowing up a Nissan Micra an Opel Monterey SUV and an Opel Vectra
Blowing up a Nissan Micra, an Opel Monterey (SUV) and an Opel Vectra

Do you have to provide the sound effect for someone car blown up by the mafia? This library has the sound to sell that a car was blown up when the engine was started by the talent. To allow you to sell a believable experience TONSTURM did blow up a Nissan Micra, an Opel Monterey (SUV) and an Opel Vectra station wagon.

tonsturm 22 car explosions Cars to blow up
Cars to blow up

TONSTURM went the extra mile and to assure the sound of destruction was as realistic as possible. When buying the cars they have been looking for cars which did have complete interior fittings to destroy it with their lethal explosives. Not that it would have matter, but it helps with the result.

Beside the full sound of destroying cars, you also get sounds destroying parts of the vehicles as the character of the explosion sound effects differs.

Close up explorion
Close up explosion

A crucial part of creating any TONSTURM libraries is an in-depth research phase. Having that in mind and understanding that TONSTURM did over the years blow many things up they have been prepared. They have been truly ready to blow those vehicles up.


1 x Surround microphones 4 x Sennheiser MKH 8020
1 x Stereo 2 x Sennheiser MKH 8040
1 x Stereo 2 x Sennheiser MKH 416
1 x Stereo 2 x Sennheiser E602-II
1 x Stereo 2 x Sennheiser MD 421
1 x Stereo 2x AKG d900e
1 x Stereo Schoeps CMC 6XT, MK2, MK8
1 x Stereo Sony PCM D-100

User interface & Usability

There is no UI, to support the management in tools like Soundminer the Wav sounds are tagged with metadata to allow easy file management and searching for specific sounds.

tonsturm car explosions included files
Tonstrum car explosions included files

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Car Explosions by Tonstrum offers professionally recorded high-quality car explosion sound effects. You receive crude explosion sound effects show how entire cars are torn apart. When you work on your next feature film and require sounds to support some actions scenes you found with this collection an excellent toolset of destruction sounds.

tonsturm 22 car explosions done with all
car explosions – done with all
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