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Glissando Harps by Chocolate Audio Review

Glissando Harps by Chocolate Audio stars Camac and Salvi 47-string concert harps. The harps have been sampled with excellent detail. 

Glissando Orchestral Harp Piano Mode

Chocolate Audio is well known to produce exceedingly playable instruments. You can see their love for the instruments, preparation, setup, tuning, time, ear, knowledge, dedication and experience. Chocolate Audio did send a review copy with no strings attached.


It is a library requiring the full Version of KONTAKT 5.5.2 or higher. The Instrument download size is ca. 20 Gigabytes (54 GB uncompressed). Glissando Concert includes 8244 samples and Glissando Orchestra delivers with 19312 samples overall summing up to  27556 samples.

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Each Harp was sampled in a different location and with different setups in order to augment flexibility and usage scenarios. Glissando Concert Harp For Kontakt was replaced by this library and is now part of thus harp bundle. The instrument shines at subtlety and affection and can be performed to cut through in your score if needed.

Glissando Concert Harp Mixer

Glissando Concert includes 2 microphone sets: Stereo AB with Schoeps CMC6 mics and MidSide Stereo with Neumann and Royer mics.

Glissando Orchestra increased the available 8 microphone recordings by eight.  Available Mics include ribbons, tube and Decca tree sampled in full detail: up to 6016 samples per articulation and up to 4 round robin.

Adjust the tone with the mics to shape the performance to the mood and vibe you need in your composition.

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