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RePro-1 Firebird Review – a Cinematic Iconic Monosynths Collection by The Unfinished




RePro 1 Firebird

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RePro-1 Firebird by The Unfinished Review

The Unfinished is releasing this Friday a new and stunning RePro-1 soundset. We received an early review copy of RePro-1 Firebird with no strings attached and could take a look at RePro-1 Firebird before its launch date April, 26th 2019. RePro-1 Firebird soundset centers on analog and cinematic sounds. Best suited for vintage 80’s vibe, underscore, experimental, dark and distant, and also techno-style music. A word on RePro-1, this synth comes as a bundle with RePro-5. I am sure you know the excellent synthesizer developed by u-he behind this synth. You may use Zebra and Diva already. As you are reading this review, you are keying to learn more about another excellent soundset by The Unfinished. If you do not own RePro-1 yet go ahead and purchase it immediately with this soundset and you will love it.


You download the RePro-1 soundset and install it into the preset folder of RePro-1.


RePro-1 Firebird by The Unfinished is a large collection of cinematic patches for the U-HE RePro-1. RePro-1 Firebird is best used when composing for trailer, film or game. Beside composing to media the sound set also works well with harder hitting beats (techno) and Synthwave if you are into 80’s vibe (see also our Luftrum Retro City a Full of 80’s Love Sound Set for Diva Review). Repro-1 is a without a question a destructive monosynth with colossal raw power. RePro-1 as an emulation of one of the most genius monosynths of the 80s combined with RePro-1 Firebird by The Unfinished shows you in an excellent way what is all possible with the emulated Pro One Synth.

RePro 1 Firebird Patches
RePro 1 Firebird Patches

The collection is all about analog synth ready to be used in cinematic scoring. Included are Arp (one), a large range of different cinematic Bass Monster Basslines, fat beating (sub-)Bass, Drums, Leads, Loops, mono-phonic Pads, Soundscapes, Sequencer, FX and Stabs. If you work on a project that could profit of massive use of vintage hardware synths this is the perfect soundset for you. As Matt (The Unfinished) has shown in the trailer (below) the RePro-1 Soundset collection can be combined nicely with additional orchestral instruments.

What you should try out is to go to the Tweak Tab in RePro-1 and start changing a preset, with some experimentation you create a new beast. Change the filter and OSC or if you are new to RePro-1 I would recommend to switch all the knobs and see what happens. You will be surprised in the most positive ways with new and your own unique tones. Matt from The Unfinished uses the embedded Repro-1’s fx pedals to add dimension, gravel, and chaos. You should use the Tweak section and play around with the FX Pedals and produce your own preset in RePro-1. It is really that simple.

RePro 1 Firebird Tweaks
RePro 1 Firebird Tweaks

User interface & Usability

The RePro-1 Firebird soundet is part of the RePro-1 UI.

RePro 1 Firebird Sequencer
RePro-1 Firebird Sequencer

Rating:  Five out of five stars

RePro-1 Firebird by The Unfinished includes an extended variety of cinematic presets. The soundset covers both cinematic and modern sound only made to help you to score to picture. The development of the presets has been inspired by Henry Pryce Jackman, Harry Gregson-Williams, John Carpenter, and Junkie XL(Antonius B. Holkenborg). The quality, vibe, and patches are on the highest composing industry level. RePro-1 Firebird serves you when composing any film, trailer, and video game score sounds.

RePro 1 Firebird by The Unfinished Red
RePro-1 Firebird by The Unfinished (Red)

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