FM Suite Review – Authentic Vintage Hardware FM Sounds by UVI

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

FM Suite by UVI Review

The FM Suite by UVI under review today grants the latest selection of actual vintage FM (Frequency modulation synthesis) sounds. If you do have an edge at that vintage FM synth sounds this is an excellent collection to look at and add to your toolbox.

Digitone 2

I did perform in 2018 with Digitone and did not enjoy the experience on my FM hardware synth. With this synth collection, I can produce good sounding tones and sounds without needing to do substantial investment in time spend to get usable sounds. Now in 2019, I have a much better experience when I use the Digitone, but that is after much more time spent than needed. UVI did send a review copy with no strings attached.


FM Suite is a gathering of five new and updated FM synthesis. From the sounds of unique instruments such as the dual 6-DX1 operator and the 8-operator FVX-1 to the early GS2, the popular DX7 and many more, the FM Suite offers you a wide selection of professionally programmed and perfectly sampled vintage FMs. All sounds you can play in this Falcon or UVI Workstation expansion are sounds which have been created with real hardware.

  • FMX1-XL is an updated version of UVI’s FMX1, includes the characters of the famous DX1 (the rare and top-of-the-line sibling to the DX7) with its dual 6-operator FM engine, sampled with up to 10 velocity layers per key.
  • FMX2-XL – Sounds from a choice of modest 4-operator FM synths including the DX21, DS8, V50, and TQ5, with classic ‘80s sounds, and highlighting the instruments onboard effects and unique unison modes.
  • FMX-8op produces sounds from the first 8-operator FM synth, the FVX-1, with its complex and spacious modulations, rich unisons and built-in effects presented in a dual-layer design.
  • FMX-4op showcases iconic ‘80s FM workhorses such as the TX81Z and DX100, with studio classic sounds and custom-designed patches for the modern genre and experimental use.
  • FMX-GS provides sounds from one of the original FM keyboards, the GS2. Fully-restored (complete with magnet cards), it offers a unique and rare selection of vintage FM tones.

Each of the five instruments in the FM Suite grants a specific sound outline of a particular synthesizer or a collection of vintage FM synthesizers. UVI also added a complete variety of patches with iconic bass, brass, electric pianos, pads, plucked instruments, bells and keyboards to experimental atmospheres, FX and more.


There are many TV Shows playing for a while now that started an 80s hype and love. If you at a certain age you remember playing those fabulous synthesizers and that crisp and pure sounds that did come with those. Here you get your hands on a mix of trendy and unique models from the innovative FM period.


FMX1-XL , FMX2-XL , FMX8-OP , FMX4-OP and FMX-GS represent a total of eight legendary Yamaha FM synthesizers from the eighties. The original synths GS2 , TX81Z , DX100 , FVX-1 , DX21 , DS8 , TQ5, and DX1 are modeled and simulated.

Start a experiment and look at this synth as a sound source for your sound design experiment.

With so many UVI instruments you have access to the sound of a comprehensive set of instruments more than you would expect from the list of sampled and models synths. I strongly recommend leveraging the many excellent presets to find a sound you need for your track. Look into the ARP patches. You will some of the best and really creative FM presets in a long time.

Rating:   Four out of five stars

FM Suite does sound really analog & warm, you will find a vast majority of patches with a truly vibrant and come with a fabulous vibe. Overall this is a phenomenal and amazingly valuable collection of the best FM synths transferring you right back to the 80s. There are enough trends that will require you to deliver that 80s vibe for new projects and the FM Suite has you covered.

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