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Pulsar Review – Deep and Futuristic Electronic Sounds by UVI





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Pulsar a Falcon Expansion by UVI Review

Pulsar is an expansion of sounds for the UVI Falcon with futuristic basses, leads, atmospheres, pads, fx and more. The Pulsar expansion for Falcon uses the excellent synthesis abilities of Falcon. (Keep in mind that a Falcon license required. Pulsar is not compatible with UVI Workstation.)

Pulsar – Deep and Futuristic Electronic Sounds by UVI Review

Pulsar was created and produced by Richard Gale and Carlo de Gregorio. UVI did send a review copy with no strings attached.


A deep and futuristic collection of sounds perfect for modern electronic producers, composers and sound designers – Pulsar delivers powerful bass, electrifying leads, sunken and winding atmospheres, otherworldly pads, effects and more.

With the assistance of the convenient and simplified UI, you can draw from of Pulsar sounds that are especially vibrant, extremely detailed with modern and fashionable overtones varying from natural analog leads to characterful atmospheres.


Pulsar delivers beastly arps, basses, compelling core sounds, flying leads, dark atmospheres, celestial pads, outrageous effects, leads, pads, plucks, sequences, and more.

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Pulsar is a collection of intense, comprehensive and contemporary resonances. It covers your need in a wide spectrum of areas be it some analog vibes you create with your lead or a wide selection of out of earth moving soundscapes. Pulsar is excellent and stands out when you need to enhance your score with modern electronic sounds which are now required more and more as the modular vibe is commoditized. Pulsar is perfect for modern producers, musicians, and professional sound designers.

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