Sound Design from the Sofa Video Masterclass Series

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 5 August 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Krotos have just launched their new ‘Sound Design from the Sofa’. It is a video masterclass series covering modern, cutting-edge sound design techniques for film, tv and video games. To learn more about products from Krotos take a look at our reviews of Total Bundle 1, Igniter Full Tank, Reformer Pro & Total Bundle 1, Dehumaniser 2, and Weaponiser Fully Loaded.

Want to find out how the Sound Design Bundle 2 can greatly improve your creativity and workflow? Watch the first episode of ‘Sound Design from the Sofa’ with Dan Mellins-Cohen for an in-depth look at the Sound Design Bundle 2 from Krotos. Dan demonstrates how you can easily use the plugins to design an entire sword fight scene in under an hour. From Foley to sword impacts, footstep sound effects, and vocalizations. Learn how the Sound Design Bundle 2 can save you hours of editing time and revolutionize your sound design process. SwordChords (.wavs for Weaponiser Sword Hit sequence): download here

Part 1 covers the process for creating armor and clothing movement, dirt slides and Foley by performing them in real-time through a mic using Reformer Pro. For the complex sword hits, wooshes, impacts and footsteps, Dan shows you how these can all be done in Weaponiser to save you huge amounts of time.

Watch part 2 to learn how footsteps and slides can be created using the Footsteps Bundle in Weaponiser. In addition, you learn how the characters’ grunts and growls are brought to life quickly and easily with Dehumaniser 2. SwordChords (.wavs for Weaponiser Sword Hit sequence) can be downloaded here.

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