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Monolith by Electrofried – Rich Complex 5 Layered Synth




monolith main

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Monolith allows you to layer up to 5 patches to create insanely rich and complex pads, keys, synths, abstract beds, and a whole lot of stuff we can’t even begin to describe.

monolith main
Monolith by Electrofried – Rich Complex 5 Layered Synth 3

There are 100 sounds to choose from. Each patches’ pan, filter, and pitch can be independently modulated to create ever-evolving motion so your instruments will never be flat or boring. There is a deep effects section with independent controls for each patch.

Monolith’s customizable randomizer provides an endless source of inspiration.205 presets are included in Monolith.


Monolith is available now at a 30% OFF INTRO Price.

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