Up To 50% Discount On Inouï Samples Kontakt Instruments

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 16 April 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Up To 50% Discount On Inouï Samples Kontakt Instruments

If you only need a few instruments, take advantage of the exceptional discounts Inouï Samples offers on individual instruments like Very Close Piano 2,  “Breath & Beat Box”, Shepard Designer or select the All Products Bundle 2020.

Since it is not a common deal and perhaps challenging to understand, let’s follow the adventures of Maurice, Claude, and Igor to see what would have happened to them if the bundle had already existed in 2018 and 2019:

Maurice finds out about inouï samples after the release of Stac & Slap Sax and considers that the other instruments made by inouï would surely serve his compositions. Thus he purchases the bundle on the 15th of December 2018 and gets all the available instruments to that day for 50% of the price of instruments released on December 31st, 2017… Which is to say 60€ instead of 320€ !

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