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Nashville Scoring Strings – Recorded at Ocean Way Studios

Nashville Scoring Strings, featuring Nashville’s most exquisite string players at Ocean Way Studios — a world-class scoring environment — Audio Ollie committed over two years to capture the energetic performances of the unbelievable musicians Audio Ollie worked with. Audio Ollie is amazingly pleased to present Nashville Scoring Strings!

Nashville Players

Nashville is dwelling to some of the finest musicians in the world. Top players from all across the country have come to be a part of Nashville’s music scene, including the orchestras. Nashville has become a top destination for many film, TV, and video game scores.  Composers Bear McCreary, John Debney, Trevor Morris, and Hans Zimmer have recently worked with Nashville Scoring and Oceanway Studios.  With its rise in popularity, Nashville is quickly becoming synonymous with Los Angeles and London as a sought-after film scoring location.

Using performance-based sampling techniques, Audio Ollie was able to preserve the subtle details and expressiveness found in real live recordings, all while maintaining the sense of depth found in the room. Every note was analyzed in real-time during the sessions to make sure Audio Ollie maintained timbrel consistency. All of the short articulations were sourced from repetition-based performances to maximize fluidity and connectivity. Legato transitions were sampled from musical phrases to translate a level of expression resembling that of a real piece of music. Every aspect of this library was treated with utmost attention to detail and the results are unparalleled.

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Focusing on the core strings articulations, Nashville Scoring Strings covers the main playing styles associated with modern film scores.  Audio Ollie prioritized a level of quality over quantity in these major performance types with the goal of creating a new benchmark in core string libraries. Recorded by scoring mixer Nick Spezia (Call of Duty, Fortnite, Outlander), Audio Ollie captured the sound found in many well-known movies, TV shows, and video games. Audio Ollie made every effort to push the limits of what is currently possible with sample library development. 

Performance Based Sampling

Audio Ollie approached sampling Nashville Strings through actual performance-based phrases.  All of the short articulations were sourced from real repetitions, and the legatos were captured from actual melodies. The result is a stellar level of fluidity and musical expressiveness.

Nashville Scoring Strings requires Kontakt Full version 5.8 +

Pricing and Availability

Nashville Scoring Strings is available now for $349 until December 1st, $499 thereafter.

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