The Percolator by Chaos Culture and Do The Thing

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 22 December 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

The Percolator – The Ultimate Max For Live Fx Module

The Percolator is a versatile and powerful, highly performative, semi-modular audio multi-effect processor and loop sampler.

Containing 5 serial effect slots which can house a variety of included effect modules, Split Frequency Band Audio Routing, a Loop Sampler, and Granular Player as well as a Modular Snapshot System with 4 way morphing, 4 LFOs, and Enveloper followers; The Percolator is a dynamic audio effect instrument, equally at home with sound design or more performative use.

Chaos Culture | Do The Thing

Chaos Culture

Sebastian was introduced to music early on and grew up reverse engineering and producing songs. While being professionally trained to become a jazz pianist, he learned the ins and outs of many applications and electronic devices. The most important one was the lite version of Ableton Live 4, which enabled him to dive deeper into sound design and other aspects of music production. By studying audio engineering and working with many studios, Sebastian was introduced to the music industry as he started his work as a mixing engineer and sound designer. Chaos Culture is a project, an artist name he uses to publish some of his music and other creations such as Max for Live devices that extend the functionality of Live.

Do The Thing

Sammy grew up playing guitar in high school bands which fostered his love for guitar pedals and audio effect in general. Discovering MPCs in his late teens, a new passion for electronic music quickly fostered and then – acid techno. The late 1990s found Sammy practicing DJ sets at his local 2nd hand synth store (who could afford turntables?) lead to establishing the foundation for a long career in the MI industry, eventually landing him in Berlin working for Ableton in their international sales team and later managing Business Development. With 20 odd years of experience playing records and relentlessly buying and selling studio gear, alongside his passion for clean workflows and beautiful solutions, Do The Thing is the working alias for his current creative projects and freelance work.

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