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Dancing Galaxy: 88 Spire and Respire Presets for Modern Electronic Dance Music




Dancing Galaxy 88 Spire and Respire Presets for Modern Electronic Dance Music Dancing Galaxy 3

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Dancing Galaxy is a modern collection of 88 high-quality Spire and Respire presets. These are perfect for different contemporary electronic dance music genres, including hybrid cinematic and electronic music with a special touch of more exotic types of dance genres. Check out the demos below to get an idea of how these sounds can be used in your next production!

What is producing in music?

The soundset fuses some of the best sounds trending now in the world of EDM, Trap, and Hybrid genres. It includes many melodic elements, basses, arps, and plucks that will help you create great music tracks with ease!

The soundset features a variety of beautiful pads, flowing ambiances, and breathtaking soundscapes that may be utilized as film music, game, and film soundtrack backdrops. It has everything you need to compose great music.

You may also use these presets in games and films as background music.

How to choose samples for your production?

The soundset is organized into four categories, designed to match the most popular genres used now in modern electronic dance production. This is a great preset pack for producers of any level!

Dancing Galaxy contains 88 Spire and Respire presets that can be put together to create an amazing sounding track within minutes!

There are a lot of contemporary bass progressions, catchy arps, exotic leads, hard-hitting basses, plucks, synth choirs, vibrato strings, epic cinematic drums fx, and keys in this sample pack.

Hybrid Cinematic, Soundtrack, Game Music, Progressive Trance, Psy/Goa, Ambient, Chillout are some of the most popular sound categories on SoundCloud. Every patch in Dancing Galaxy has all four of its Macro controls, as well as the Modulation Wheel, assigned.

Dancing Galaxy is a fantastic collection of sounds that will help you create great dance music with ease!

How is modulation used in music?

The modulation assignments were painstakingly designed to provide a variety of choices and depth for the patches. You can tell that a lot of time and care went into making these patches.

The sound of the macro makes changes depending on how it’s being used. Many times, these sounds can be Morphed between for different effects in some situations. I hope this helps clear up any confusion about what precisely a Macro is!

Oscillators are the heart of any sound synthesis, and it is crucial to keep them fresh. The best way I have found for doing this is with a variety of modulation destinations so that each oscillator can be observed as an individual entity while still being part of something greater

A diverse assortment will always yield more satisfying results than typical textbook configurations where all sounds tend towards similar patterns or signatures because no two people play alike!

The Dancing Galaxy soundset comes with both the single patches in .spf format and in a .sbf sound bank containing 88 patches in total, which can be imported and stored in Spire’s bank location. The soundset is also available in the new spire formats as well.

Reasons why you should start utilizing film music as a compositor.

In the film industry, music is a key element to convey emotions and moods. In fact, it can drive an entire story by itself. With that said, every filmmaker needs access to great music composing tracks so they can use them in their projects with ease. For compositors working on video editing software like Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro, this is now possible.

At first glance, it may seem like a daunting task to find great music tracks for your video editing projects that also work well with the sort of audio you already have in place. The truth is that there are many film composers out there who offer their services and provide high-quality royalty-free music tracks that can be used in your video editing projects.

Pricing and Availability

Dancing Galaxy is available now.

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