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Review of Tom Holkenborg’s Percussion by Orchestral Tools

In this article, we will be reviewing Tom Holkenborg’s Orchestral Percussion. Tom Holkenborg is a Dutch composer and producer who has worked on various notable projects such as the soundtrack of Deadpool 2. He also produced music for video games including Arkham Knight and Quantum Break. His latest Library, Orchestral Tools – Tom Holkenborg’s Percussion, contains some incredible sounds from his percussion instrument library which you can use in your own compositions!

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Tom Holkenborg’s Orchestral Tools – Percussion is a comprehensive library for adding percussion to your compositions. The library includes almost every type of percussion instrument that you can imagine, from snares and cymbals to various ethnic instruments from different cultures around the world. We will take a look at how easy it is to use these tools in your projects and why they are so valuable for professionals in the industry.

About Tom Holkenborg

Tom is a Dutch film composer, also known as Junkie XL. Tom is best known for his scores on the films Black Hawk Down and The Dark Knight Rises. He also has written scores for other films like Deadpool, Logan, Mad Max: Fury Road, Robin Hood (2010), Kung Fu Panda 3, and Atomic Blonde. But what does he have to do with orchestral percussion?

About Tom Holkenborg
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Push the limits of loud with this powerful library

The library is a marvel. Just when you think that there’s nothing more to this world, another invention comes out and blows your mind with how much it can do! The sounds coming off these drum machines will make any producer proud because not only did they capture his signature style but also added their own twist on top by adding different noises throughout each beat or shell progression which gives them such an authentic feel.

One of the most often used tools in a film composer’s arsenal is orchestral percussion. In this article, we will take a look at some of Tom Holkenborg’s percussion recordings and see what they have to offer composers.

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Perfect for creating a big sound

This unique collection of instruments, assembled over more than 7 years has an impressive sound. The instrument’s patches are perfect for creating a truly massive feel with the four kits that play in parallel and special quad toms included! This orchestral tool plugin has a wide variety of instruments, from the bass drum to custom drums.

Tom Holkenborg’s expansion on the drums is a breath of fresh air for any player. He takes what would be an average sound and makes it extraordinary, evolving with time as well!

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How do you make a sound bigger?

With 100 dynamic layers of instruments, drums can be played with your MIDI pad or controller. You might also like to try out some electric drumming for an even more authentic experience!

I did the test with an 88-key keyboard and controller, it will freshen up your creative approach to drum sounds. You’ll be able to cancel out some of those simple punch triggers from other libraries too!

You can change your beats from boring to thrilling with just a few clicks. Thanks to the drum samples and their ready-to-mix sound, they offer a tight attack that’s more biting than typical orchestral scoring percussion.

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Tom’s orchestral brass library is the perfect companion to her recently released percussion instrument. It can give your production an organic, live feel while giving it some bite and spice – just like Tom Holkenborg’s style! Tom Holkenborg is one of the most sought-after composers in this world, and he’s curated what many consider to be his own museum.

Find drums of different shapes, sizes and colors

The library is a unique instrument store with drums of every shape, size, and color. It features 60 different instruments so you can find the perfect sound for any project or style! Tom Holkenborg is a musical genius. He knows that sometimes the best way to get your message across, or just have some fun with instruments in general – is by using an eclectic mix of different ones! In this case, we’re talking drums from all over: tom own Surdos and tupan-built ones alike; Conga Drums lined up side by side like soldiers at attention awaiting their orders. A collection worth looking at for any aspiring musician!

Tom’s personal setup

The drumming enthusiast has been copying his personal setup for the last 8 years, which consists of a large number of instruments he acquired over that time period. Drum kits have revolutionized action film scores and can be yours with this library pack!

The orchestral instruments are made with the latest in sampling and synthesis technology to create a lush sound that’s perfect for any professional composer.

What are Surdos, Tupan & Taye Toms?

Surdos are a type of drum from Brazil. The Surdo is a cylindrical drum with a hole in the middle about 8 inches wide. The drum is played with the hands.

The tupan is a Brazilian drum that is played in religious ceremonies. The instrument has two parts that are played with the hands, one to hit the head and the other to manage the tension on the ropes.

Taye Toms is a one-of-a-kind drum with a sound that’s completely in league with the brilliant, iconic artist they were designed for. From their stunning Taye Black finish to their refined dimensions, these are drums that are not just played – they are honored.

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Accompaniment for strings in film scores

With its rich rhythm, the bass drum and tom can be used to provide a simple yet effective accompaniment for brass and strings in film scores. The percussions also make an excellent partner with orchestral sounds such as those found on piano or cello during solo instrument performances which need extra support from syncopation without being too overbearing – just enough so they don’t get lost against all that melody going on around them!

When you have a library full of instruments and orchestras to choose from, it’s no easy task finding the right tone for your score. For the price, it’s an amazing option for composers in need of a powerful drum library. With its Orchestral Tools and Percussion section alone this is one resource that would be hard to beat if you’re looking at scoring action or trailer films. Holkenborg’s Percussion Library is a virtual instrument that puts its drums in the hands of producers and composers around the world.

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An addition to my arsenal orchestral libraries

When working on any given project there are certain things that can make the process easier: having access to an arsenal orchestral libraries as well other percussive sounds is one such advantage; another would be being able to work with professional scoring format software without limits or restrictions imposed by traditional formats like vinyl records which may not always translate into digital playback environments. It sounds so cool and the sound makes me feel like I’m in another world or something.

Rating: Four out of five stars

The library presents percussion instruments from many scores, films, and movies.  All of these drums were sampled and post-processed by himself over the years. They are still a key part of his template today!

This library is so deep you’ll be able to create anything from subtle rhythms, aggressive bursts of sound all the way through with over 100 layers in total. It’s not just drums either.

Tom Holkenborg’s library is perfect for scoring trailers and action scores. The sound is so clear, you’ll be able to hear every detail. You can control the dynamics in a way that will make your mixes come alive like never before! This package also includes everything else needed for making your next big beat including sampled percussion instruments and richly layered synths that will have an audience stunned in their seat while watching what’s playing up there on the screen.

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