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Abbey Road One: Thematic Trumpets for Film Scoring Selections




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Abbey Road One: Thematic Trumpets for Film Scoring Selections

Spitfire Audio’s ABBEY ROAD ONE: THEMATIC TRUMPETS is continuing its ongoing ABBEY ROAD ONE: FILM SCORING SELECTIONS series of standalone orchestral libraries, this time capturing the distinctive sound of film in one of the world’s finest acoustic spaces.

ABBEY ROAD ONE: FILM SCORING SELECTIONS series – a definitive collection of orchestral sounds for modern media composers. This new range from Abbey Road offers an expansive palette of cinematic brass, strings and percussion, recorded in our iconic Studio One. Whether you’re looking to score an epic blockbuster or add a touch of class to your latest indie production, this range has something for everyone.

Abbey Road One Thematic Trumpets for Film Scoring Selections Thematic Trumpets 0069
Abbey Road One: Thematic Trumpets for Film Scoring Selections

With the world-famous Abbey Road Studios as a foundation, the ABBEY ROAD ONE collection builds upon its creative collaboration with world-renowned Abbey Road Studios, beginning with the trailblazing 90-piece symphonic orchestra and continuing through to this release.

This time, four players execute a variety of pre-orchestrated moves to provide everything necessary to construct big screen-ready themes, including easy-to-use legato techniques from the sound-specializing British music technology firm.

Abbey Road One: Thematic Trumpets

The THEMATIC TRUMPETS are a knockout. They put us in mind of John Williams, Alan Silvestri, and Jerry Goldsmith’s scores with that complete section trumpet sound – the singing and soaring melody sound – you’re so familiar with from the scores of John Williams, Alan Silvestri, and Jerry Goldsmith. This really delivers an

This unique trumpet collection, with a particular emphasis on lead lines and fanfare, has a commanding presence without being piercing or click.

Thematic in its name indicates a wealth of narrative structure options and the beautiful acoustics of the world-renowned recording studio that helped to propel it to legendary status.

These trumpets, which are meticulously produced with a multi-sensory approach that values beauty and artistry, exquisitely evoke pomp and ceremony while also delivering a wide range of lush dynamics — ideal for inspiring timeless themes and generating beautiful soundscapes with ease.

Furthermore, many of the world’s top orchestras will be performing on ABBEY ROAD ONE: THEMATIC TRUMPETS. This library’s harmonically rich collection can invigorate its listeners’ scores while offering a genuinely distinct character inspired by the singing lead lines of those legendary Hollywood A-listers listed by Paul Thomson.

The ABBEY ROAD ONE: THEMATIC TRUMPETS library has four first-call London players, the same individuals who appear on global blockbusters.

Thematic Trumpets 0086
Thematic Trumpets

Simon Rhodes

Simon Rhodes, a GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer who has worked on Avatar, Hugo, and Harry Potter movies (among others), guided the engineers through a variety of pre-orchestrated methods to provide everything needed to create big screen-ready themes, including Spitfire Audio’s easy-to-use legato approaches.

This library has four players performing a variety of approaches, including Spitfire’s simple legato. Everything you need to write themes for the big screen is included.

Abbey Road Studios’ Studio One

Abbey Road Studios’ Studio One has been a foundation for creating world-class music for over 80 years. With a rich history of iconic recordings, it’s the perfect place to capture the sound of film.

The distinctive sound of cinema is at everyone’s fingertips with ABBEY ROAD ONE: THEMATIC TRUMPETS, allowing users to step into Studio One, the birthplace of most great composers’ dreams – Abbey Road Studios’ Studio One.

Studio One is one of the world’s most renowned recording studios, with an unrivaled legacy built on its scores. It has become one of the main recording spaces in the world, where many of history’s best films were composed and recorded. Studio One has recorded a number of musical duets made in heaven, including Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Avengers: Endgame. Studio One’s sound is wide and huge, with rich tonality and notorious reverb that make it the iconic sound of the film.

You’ve got that fantastic huge dynamic range all the way down at the bottom, but you’ve also got a full singing tone in the upper part of the dynamic range that is always powerful yet never shrill or aggressive; it’s just magnificent.


Yes, the Trumpets do sound life-like. They have a wide range of dynamics, and they are perfect for creating stirring themes. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to write film music.

We use a midi keyboard to compose and play trumpets. When compared to how they’d sound note to note on a real trumpet, the way the keys are depressed on the piano keyboard creates an intonation difference. Spitfire Audio prepares their ABBEY ROAD ONE: THEMATIC TRUMPETS to compensate it.

This unique trumpet collection, which includes 4 performers executing a variety of moves including Spitfire’s simple legato, with a concentration on lead lines and fanfare, has an imposing presence without being piercing or conventional. This powerful library has a wide range of thematic potential, from brave, emotive tropes to aggressive, hostile identifiers.

The ABBEY ROAD ONE: THEMATIC TRUMPETS library offers an impressive collection of trumpets that are perfect for creating memorable themes. The library was recorded in the world-renowned Abbey Road Studios, and it features first-call London players.

The trumpets are sonically rich and evoke a sense of pomp and ceremony, making them ideal for scoring. If you’re looking for a unique and distinct trumpet sound, this is the library for you. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to share it with your friends.

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