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STUTTER MATTER by SampleTraxx Review

STUTTER MATTER is a collection of harsh musical-rhythm discharges, dynamics changes and technical sound pack for anyone working as a sound design professional.

We did take a look at other libraries from this vendor, you can find more here: Torsion  Review, DOOM Raw Trailer Elements Review. SampleTraxx did send a review copy with no strings attached.

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Download and install the files, if you use the WAV files you are done, for using the sound in Kontakt you need the Kontakt 5.5 Full version- the Free player is not supported.


STUTTER MATTER amplifies your scores through technology-driven stutters and sound effects, attaching a fraction of sound madness.

Overall Stutter Matter contains over 180 sound effects in WAV format and also bundles them up in the Photosynthesis engine through 7 Kontakt patches. When working on sound design task, you may use the 24Bit 48kHz WAV directly instead. If you are short on external effect plugins the Photosynthesis adds some possibility.

With STUTTER MATTER reveive sound effects in the following categories:

  1. Stutter-Design
  2. Hi-Tech Hits
  3. Stutter Sequence
  4. Stutter Kit Element

Each category presents a mixture of sounds which are valuable in scenes, trailers or as stingers. The Stutter Sequence includes moving sounds very technology driven sounding more like machine or robots. All sounds are usable out of the box and heavy mangled.

User interface & Usability

This product is hosted in the Photosynthesis engine. In most cases you should just be off using the 24Bit 48kHz WAV dragged into your DAW.

Shutter Matter by SampleTraxx

Rating:  Four out of five stars

STUTTER MATTER is a collection of exceptional sounding sound effects and also rests well in scores with minimal work. SampleTraxx is very consistent with the quality they deliver, including this fine library.

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