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DOOM Raw Trailer Elements by SampleTraxx Review




DOOM Cinematic Matter

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DOOM Raw Trailer Elements by SampleTraxx Review

SampleTraxx did recently update DOOM to use the Kontakt Photosynthesis engine. Doom is produced to assist composers that are looking for Dark Cutting Edge Sound Design, Cinematic Percussive Elements, Trailer Hits, One-Shot Tones for the modern trailers, soundtrack, sound design, and electronic music.

I find it remarkable that a library priced at the lower end like DOOM gets free updates to further increase the usability of this excellent library. Alessandro Romeo, Owner and Sound Designer at SampleTraxx, takes unquestionable care of his customers.

Alessandro from SampleTraxx did send a review copy with no strings attached. If you’re looking for dark, cutting-edge sound design, look no further than dark cinematic percussive elements. These trailer hits and one-shot tones are perfect for modern trailers, soundtracks, sound design, and electronic music.

With their cutting-edge sound design and Cinematic feel, these sounds will take your production to the next level.


After obtaining Doom, you will receive a download link. You download and unpack the library if needed to your selected Kontakt library location. After the Kontakt batch re-save,  you are ready to get excited with DOOM.

DOOM Raw Trailer Elements – Sound

This is a Kontakt library and a collection of Wav files. The Wav files can be processed efficiently in your DAW or externally. That publisher includes both a Kontakt version and the sample files is of great help when you work to picture or want to process the sounds with 3rd party tools.

My favorite one of the ten included categories was Doom Weird Matter which is a collection of high sounds ready to be used immediately in a trailer or when you compose to picture or have a sound design task on hand. For the other patches, you get a great collection of sound that is ready to be used more on the sound design side and is great fitting for scoring to the picture.

When you use the included Wav files, you need to process them with tools from 2CAudio,  Audio DamageBOOMLibraryFabFilterGoodhertzIK MultimediaKILOHEARTSKrotos,  Kush, or/and Sugar Bytes.

As any producer knows, one of the most important aspects of making music is finding the right samples. The wrong sample can completely ruin a track, but the right sample can take it to the next level.

Thankfully, there are now countless libraries of high-quality samples available online. However, with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. This is where the DOOM Raw Trailer Elements comes in.

The DOOM Raw Trailer Elements Sample Library is a curated collection of the best samples available, organized by genre and style. And best of all, the results are guaranteed to be tremendous. So what are you waiting for? Start producing today with the DOOM Raw Trailer Elements.

DOOM Raw Trailer Elements Wav Files

There are a number of ways to create originality in sound design, but one of the most important is to use unique tools. The sounds you create will be based on the samples you have, but the way you manipulate those samples will be entirely up to you.

By using different tools, you can create a sound that is completely your own. This can be achieved by using a variety of software and hardware, as well as different techniques. With the right tools, you can create a sound that is truly unique.

Using those tools, you create your sounds that are even when based on samples from SampleTraxx are original to you.

DOOM Weird Matter

Also try to mangle the Wav files with the tools you have on hand, for example, ircam TS. With these kinds of sounds, you should always push the envelope and experiment. The results will be for the most part tremendous or become bigger with experience.

DOOM Raw Trailer Elements with ircam TS
DOOM Raw Trailer Elements with ircam TS

User interface & Usability

DOOM has been upgraded to the Photosynthesis engine which is clean and straightforward to use. That the included Kontakt instruments are limited to 10 is excellent, I could see Alessandro further increasing the value by releasing snapshots as the tools in the Photosynthesis engine offer so many possibilities that he would master while others would benefit from Alessandro’s experience.

DOOM Cinematic Impact

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Doom is a great addition to the never-ending need for sound effect and sound design elements. Let’s face it when this would be using a unique interface it could be easily sold at double the price. When it comes to pure content you should take a really close look at all libraries from SampleTraxx.

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