AizerX – Modern Designer Toolkit

AizerX – Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit

by KeepForest Review

AizerX – Modern Designer Toolkit & AizerX – Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit is two new releases made available by KeepForest. These two different products and libraries that are aiming towards two different audiences. Both libraries are bought on their own or when possible as a bundle. You can use both libraries in combination if you want to manage your spend you need to look for your main projects and select the required library from KeepForest.

AizerX overview

AIZERX – TRAILER SFX DESIGNER TOOLKIT equipped the composer who is submitting for trailer composition jobs on a regular base, and it generates revenue in the “composing for a trailer” or games business.

The typical business model for the composer is that you pitch your services. Be awarded the business and then you need to produce quick results. For the next trailer job, you should get on average 5k as your payment against your time spend and resources used. You need to have that in mind when you look into purchasing this library. The AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit library is aiming for those composers who are expected to turn around a new score for a trailer within days, rarely weeks.

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AizerX – Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit

AIZERX – MODERN DESIGNER TOOLKIT contains an extensive collection of ultra-modern designed sound effects for the latest music genres and when you score to picture.

AizerX – Modern Designer Toolkit

Our project KeepForest born out of friendship, built around of Arseni Khodzin (composer & sound designer) and Evgeny Emelyanov (composer & programmer). Their mission is creating audio tools for contemporary composers and sound designers. KeepForest did send a review copy of both libraries with no strings attached.


You receive after purchasing the codes that you use in the connect app to download the library. The full and commercial version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8 is required.
There are also WAV files included which you can easily drag into your DAW.

AizerX Download

Sound Design basics

If you are looking to enhance your sound design take a look at the Evenant courses that cover also working on Trailer. You can use this affiliate link to learn more about them.



AizerX – Modern Designer Toolkit and AizerX – Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit differs by genre specification and the different needs a composer has when working on a trailer compared to other score and underscore. Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit was designed for “old school” typical high-quality trailer hybrid music. AizerX – Modern Designer Toolkit was produced for modern trailer sound and if you in that genre it also works for hip-hop, pop, rock music, and trap productions. That library mirrors the latest trends in trailer music industry in early 2018.

AizerX – Modern Designer Toolkit Pulses

AizerX Modern Designer Toolkit is all about the tools you need for a new trailer meeting todays requirement from the audience and the producer. The library includes hits, whooshes, benders, slo-mo, distortion basses, signals, downers, risers, noises, booms, and more.

AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit

AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit is a high-grade tool for building robust, Hollywood-level sound effects for your score and sound effects without the need to know much about professional sound design.

It includes:

  • Low & Mid Braams, Signals, Pre-Whooshes + Hits, Motions
  • Alarms, Downers, Benders, Pre-whoosh and Transitions, Signals, Specific Layers, Bends, Noises

User interface & Usability

Both libraries have a similar interface main difference is the color used. The design has evolved from the previous libraries and is usable. There is a version included which has less animation which is fabulous to reduce some resources used by graphics while you compose.

AizerX – Modern Designer Toolkit

The UI supports you in selecting new combinations of sounds based on four elements that are leveled by the X/Y pad in the middle. The pad movement can be recorded in your DAW. Many presets do include backed in X/Y Pad movements.

In each of the two libraries, there are additional sound layers you can mix in. Adjusting the start and end points are fully supported, and the operations of those features are straightforward.

KeepForest developed a smart samples randomization. This feature is vital to support you in generating wholly different and actual sound effects.

AizerX FX

AizerX Modern Designer Toolkit extends your possibilities to produce a deep sound by offering a variety of easy-to-use parameters to drive frequency filters, LFO, ADSR, playback modes, channels mixer, EQ, reverb, delay, distortion and a pad that blends four of the selected sounds sources.

There are plenty of presets included, and you can specify which kind of effects the random function pull into the mix. You can create your own presets, several User Presets included and worth a look or two. You can share your creations with other owners of the library. Check out the user presets, others did already come up with fabulous works.

AizerX Presets

Rating:  Five out of five stars

AizerX – Modern Designer Toolkit and AizerX – Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit are geared towards the professional composer who composes to picture or needs to finish under much more time constrain their latest trailer project. Both libraries include many elements that are glued together by a current Interface ready for you to launch in several of your next productions. The libraries are a good investment for professionals which expect a low ROI. These two libraries are part of my personal Top 5 libraries for an anticipated extended time.

If you are a hip-hop/pop/EDM producer, your selection would the be AizerX – Modern Designer Toolkit. Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit is excellent if your work on Trailer projects or tasks for sound effects in a scene.

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