Bass Master by Loopmasters Review

Bass Master (Affiliate Link) is all about Heavy, speaker-shaking Bass tones. This software Bass synth is sold exclusively through Plugin Boutique. Loopmasters did send a review copy with no strings attached.


You download the software from your Plugin Boutique user account and install it as a plugin for your DAW.


Bass Master is a synth published by Loopmasters, with this newest addition, the company address the bass niche market and also a vertical that is dominated by hardware-based bass synths. To prepare the review, Loopmasters send me an early version before release – I did use it for three weeks.

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Bass Master is devoted to gritty bass. With the included set of 217 waveforms, you can create 50,000 bass instruments across two layers. Bass Master arrives with over 350 presets to get you started. The presets are sorted in a smart way and overall I was happy with most of the preset sounds.

Bass Master Presets

Bass Master Features:
– Authentic Immense Sound
Two sample-based oscillators with 217 waveforms sampled from the best modern and vintage bass sources.
– Endless inspiration
Over 350 Presets from professional sound designers and top artists, plus waveform randomization for instant modification.
– Shape your sound
13 Filter types with dedicated filter envelope and LFO modulation
– Boost the bass
Unique three-band Frequency Booster for added crispness, body and bass.
– Add dirt, width, and space
Distortion, Chorus and Reverb effects offer a choice of algorithms.
– Mod-wheel macro
Assign any three parameters to the mod wheel.
– Sculpt powerful transients
ADSR (Top) and AR (Sub) Envelopes, Signal Mixer.
– Keep the low-end clean
Direct Out control for the Sub, Sample Start selection for the Top layer.
– Take global control
Legato/Portamento playback with Glide, Pitchbend up to +/-12 semitones.

Bass Master also offers up three effects: Distortion has five algorithms with Drive and Colour, for warming saturation or drastic transformation; Stereo Chorus has four algorithms with Amount and Rate, for slight thickening or all-out stereo widening; Reverb Send contains Bright, Mid and Dark algorithms with Level and Size controls, to add space to sounds.

Bass Master included filter extends the possible sound-shaping by 13 filters: low-pass, band-pass and high-pass models, ladder filters and a comb filter. Also, we do have access to filter envelope (ADSR) and LFO (including Random and Drift shapes).

Bass Master combined with additional effect plugins

The low-end sounds are helpful when you combine it with sound design tools like TRAVELER by TONSTURM. Add some Beatformer by accusonus and Novatron by Kush Audio to get into sound design space. Novatron or REDDI alone is adding the big bang.

Bass Master combined with Traveler, Beatformer, and Novatron

On its own and without adding any third-party plugins you can get excellent sounding low-ends, also Bass Master is pushing out some cool sounding subs.

User interface & Usability

The Bass synth comes with a clean and straightforward User Interface. With the over 300 presets you can use them or adapt through the simple UI the vibe generated.

Bass Master GUI

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Bass Master (Affiliate Link) is a focused tool for any producer who is making EDM, House, Techno, Drum and Bass, Trap, or Hip Hop music. The bass synth can produce dominant sub, low-end pads, and bass sounds, alternative just the simple Wah-Wah or more modern bass vibes.

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