XOSPHERE by Sample Logic Review

Today we are reviewing Xosphere (Affiliate Link) by Sample Logic which is a Kontakt Library center around atmospheres, pads, and soundscapes that can be used in production when you after a particular mood. I use myself Xosphere since October 2016, approximately two years.

At the time (2015) of launching Xosphere is created using the Step Animator and FX Animator from ARPOLOGY and CINEMATIC KEYS. On top of leveraging the technology from those existing libraries, it was built with a new interface.


After purchase, you receive codes to receive Xosphere via Contiuata download tool. You download 5.25 GB sample library using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression. It requires Kontakt 5 Player (free) or Kontakt 5 (sold separately) Version 5.5 or higher.

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Xosphere focuses on creating emotional and moving atmospheres. The Sound of Xosphere is where you would expect a Sample Logic’s high-end library to produce dangerous, earth-shattering and horrible sequences and tones.

XOSPHERE sounds ridiculously good, use it to cover cinematic, electronic, and organic music genres, it is also excellent for any music production.

XOSPHERE by Sample Logic Review OCS Browser

Every morph module oscillator is driven by 2 sample-based atmospheres. Those are user assignable and can be morphed manually with the Morph Knob or animated via the Morph Animator. A Dual Filter Oscillator modulates the hi-cut filter of each morph module oscillator, generating creative and complex rhythms by animating two hi-cut filters at different speeds.

The included browser for each morph module oscillator makes hunting for presets and atmospheres simplistic. Each morph module oscillator has independent sound sculpting parameters and effect tools.

The produces sounds overall are very natural. XOSPHERE is stuffed with inspiring sample content. It is a collection of organic synthesis by morphing real world and synthetic sounds into the most excellent Atmospheres which you can combine easily through the supporting UI.

User interface & Usability

With this from 2015 designed UI, you get access to the well-known Sample Logic User Interface (UI). This UI is really geared to support the easy to select the different sounds and sequences to find a new inspiration – or just use the extensive random feature.

With the advanced randomizer function, we know from many Sample Logic products you can can create more than 100,000 combinations of atmospheres can be created per Morph Module Oscillator, with up to 4 oscillators per instrument. On top of that, you can add numerous  FX modules that come with the interface.

XOSPHERE by Sample Logic Review Main UI

Combining different sounds through layering creates complex and evolving vibes when you hold down a single note producing some very impressive tones.

XOSPHERE by Sample Logic Review Instrument Browser

There are Presets included that you can use as a starting point and inject with movement, shape, and design your sounds is very agile.

XOSPHERE by Sample Logic Review Sanpshots

The evocative atmospheric categories included in XOSPHERE are:

  • Bizarre
  • Dark N Scary
  • Electronic – Effectual
  • Euphoric – Spiritual
  • Mixed Emotions
  • Mysterious
  • World Organic

XOSPHERE fatures:

  • 350+ Atmospheres
  • 2 Atmospheres per Morph Module Oscillator with 100,000+ possible combinations of atmospheres per oscillator
  • 275 Morph Module Oscillator factory presets
  • 4 Morph Module Oscillators per instrument
  • 275+ Factory instrument presets containing a mixture of 2-4 oscillators per instrument preset

Everything is housed in a really well design interface that guides a composer or sound designer to experiment, create new moods or just supports you in your creative exploration.

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Xosphere (Affiliate Link) is an excellent atmospheric sounds library by Sample Logic. With Xosphere you can create underscore and beds ranging from rough and fearful to inject into a picture immense serious feelings. Xosphere has an astounding sound quality, the UI grants excellent possibilities to play with the tone and vibe.

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