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NOIRE Review – an EVOCATIVE CONCERT GRAND by Galaxy Instruments and Native Instruments




NOIRE by Galaxy Instruments and Native Instruments Pure DArk

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NOIRE is the loved grand piano of composer and pianist Nils Frahm. Nils did handpick this piano over a long journey to find the perfect beautiful-sounding signature grand piano sound.

NOIRE is an expressive concert grand with a unique sound that doesn’t quite sit in the category of the typical bright and expansive type. As its name implies, NOIRE has got something dark about it too, which makes this piano slightly more mysterious than another evocative instrument/concert grand. It is also one of the few choices you have to work with your Virtual Concert Grand in a very realistic way.

With NOIRE you get a fine-sounding, almost perfect concert grand piano to your Komplete package. Noire is a reliable companion for all producers and composers working with sample libraries and virtual instruments.

The installation is easy and straightforward like most other products by Native Instruments. I just had to download the file, enter my serial number and it was ready to use. The library size is a bit on the large side, but that’s because of all the amazing sounds that come with it.

More than a Piano

Pianos are stringed instruments and keyboard instruments played by a pianist, who presses keys on the piano’s keyboard, to produce sound.

They come in many sizes and styles; they can be small enough for a child to play on a domestic stand or large enough that it takes up most of a room. We often think of the piano as being the only instrument that is played with these keys.

In fact, there are different types of pianos, including upright pianos and grand pianos. Many people have been talking about Nils Frahm’s NOIRE Review. NOIRE is a love grand piano and comes to life with a gentle tone, piano tones, to spark your creative ideas.

Get ready for your next solo compositions shifting into noire pure instrument’s sound, sparkle with some tonal shift, or mix in the pure version of a noire felt.

The review includes an expressive concert grand with a unique dark sound that has both notes from deep bass to high treble. It will definitely come in handy for your music production, but it is more than just a nice-sounding piano.

NOIRE by Galaxy Instruments and Native Instruments Basic PureNOIRE by Galaxy Instruments and Native Instruments Basic Pure

Nils Frahm serves as an accomplished composer, producer, and celebrated performer from his Berlin-based studio at the renowned Funkhaus. Nils’ designed and arranged Funkhaus Saal 3 studio is a substantial portion in the resulting sound.

Every corner of Funkhaus Saal 3 shows excellent craftsmanship resulting in a room that promotes comparable lush, warmth or depth sound. Nils’ willingness to take an unorthodox approach to a centuries-old instrument that is traditionally played loudly and aggressively has earned him a devoted following all around the world.


NILS FRAHM All Melody credit Alexander Schneider

Nils has gained global notoriety for his highly developed sense of control and restraint in his work, as well as a breath-taking level of emotion and personality.

He is a master of many skills and gave this unique concert grand a new life. Using vintage microphones to record the felt version allows you to inject swirling harmonic elements based on native instruments Noire into your composition.

As you can tell I did enjoy this noire review of galaxy instruments. This library stunned me with its meticulously sampled different felt preparation versions and the innovative particles engine.

Movie Theater
NOIRE Review – an EVOCATIVE CONCERT GRAND by Galaxy Instruments and Native Instruments 6

Those are defining for me new creative ideas that glide through the room with some added sub bass. The used vintage mics give me that extra vibe I love. All paying into my new possibilities of creative options.

Nils celebrated his continued musical partnership with fellow artist Ólafur Arnalds with the release of their Collaborative Works that October and included their three previous EP releases Stare, Loon and Life Story Love and Glory, plus Trance Frendz — the audio recording of their intimate 45-minute studio film.


I used my NFR serial code and after registering the NOIR library in Native Access tool and download the library and installed it. The only step needed after that was a batch re-save to speed up the load times. NOIRE is optimized for KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards.


Noire was recorded with the leadership and work of Uli Baronowsky and the Galaxy Instruments team in the ambient environment of Saal 3 in Berlin’s renowned, Bauhaus-designed Funkhaus recording complex.

Uli Baronowsky, Galaxy Instruments, and Native Instruments have released other essential virtual instrument libraries before UNA CORDA, THRILL, THE DEFINITIVE PIANO COLLECTION, RISE & HIT, and THE GIANT.

Saal 3

With Noire you are getting two Pianos in one package, you are receiving a pure Yamaha CFX 9 grand piano and a felt version of the same Piano owned by Nils. NOIRE comprises both traditional and exploratory areas.

Besides the beautiful tone of both piano versions, you can use the included particles engine to generate moving, living clouds of vibrating and unique harmonic sound elements. The engine is unique as it adds flow to played parts which generate harmonic elements that automatically follow what you’re playing.

The particles engine sounds cool and appends pads, atmospheres, and textures when you cross the rover over to sound wonderland.

NOIRE by Galaxy Instruments and Native Instruments Particles Presets

I did sit down and also encourage my partner to spend some hours playing, sometimes with the help of the particle engine create mysterious tones.

NOIRE features controllable noises created by both the piano and the piano player, for example, noises the pianist performs when moving or breathing. Mechanical sonances produced by the piano were additionally recorded.

You can adjust these noises as wanted. With the close microphone, all the subtle mechanical noises are audible while enduring fully flexible. Use these noises to create a realistic-sounding piano performance or leverage them for sound design.

Many of the characteristics of the piano have been taken from the experience in producing and recording the Una Corda is hauntingly gorgeous with a lush mellow sound and has already become a favored virtual piano library used by many composers for film scores.

I’ve been playing with NOIRE, and it is just outstanding, I was able to come up with many different sounds in this single library.

NOIRE by Galaxy Instruments and Native Instruments UI

The UI takes you from the simple front page into detailed additional UI that are supporting complex sound shaping. The approach is starting easy and get support with your wildest sound ideas. Still matching the needs for a non-technical composer.

NOIRE by Galaxy Instruments and Native Instruments UI

Frank Elting, Uli Baronowsky teaming up with Achim Reinhardt, and Stephan Lembke are the brains behind Product Design. Martin Bartsch is the mastermind creating the User Interface Design. Artwork provided by Yvonne Hartmann, Martin Bartsch, and Henrike Ott.


This is a review of the sound library NOIRE. The tone of the software is designed to emulate older, classic pianos.

The particles engine allows you to create varied sounds by creating moving, living clouds of vibrating and unique harmonic sound elements.

I encourage you to purchase this product if you enjoy playing with digital pianos or if you are looking for an inspirational concert grand.

Rating: Five out of five stars

NOIRE is a different, emotional, and intriguing piano. The Piano has a characteristic not seen often, it sounds cinematic out of the box.

You can move from an excellent-sounding piano to a felt piano adding sound design elements and pads using just this one library. 

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