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MYSTERIA a Cinematic Vocal Textures Aleatory Instrument

We are reviewing MYSTERIA today, this release is a unique aleatory instrument for media scoring where you need that dark fearful tension. If you are familiar with Thrill, MYSTERIA follows the same concept, this time with voices.

MYSTERIA was created in collaboration by two long-time partners, Galaxy Instruments and Native Instruments. Galaxy Instruments is famous for its proven mastery of quality sampling, innovative control, and a unique approach to building tools for composers, producers, and musicians. Previous collaborations of Galaxy Instruments and Native Instruments include THRILL, NOIRE, THE GIANT, UNA CORDA, RISE, AND HIT, and THE DEFINITIVE PIANO COLLECTION.  As the follow-up to the cinematic performance instrument Thrill, Mysteria’s content is centering on choirs and voices in order to communicate complex moods, vibes, and emotions. Galaxy Instruments and Native Instruments did send a review copy with no strings attached.

The 29 GB sound library provides more than 800 sound sources from three choirs recorded in Bratislava and Cologne: a large symphonic choir (divided into male and female choir), a chamber choir and an intimate sounding vocal quartet from the field of new music.

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MYSTERIA is based on three choirs and aleatory sound design and offers an intuitively playable interface with an X-Y pad with which you can blend between complex sound layers and dynamic effects. MYSTERIA is a one-of-a-kind cinematic instrument that harnesses the human voice’s unique ability to convey emotion. Almost entirely voice-based, it’s capable of everything from angelic dreamscapes to arcane textures.


Galaxy Instruments has taken the very successful Thrill library concept and launched a library with an extensive focus on choir, voice, vocal clusters. Aleatoric textures and clusters have been recorded with a large 48-singers choir, a chamber choir, and a quartet specialized in the contemporary choir repertoire.

MYSTERIA and also Thrill are an aleatoric library. What makes this one so special that it can be played as an instrument. There are some aleatoric libraries available from other producers. Other libraries do offer elements that can be “one-shot” played, while MYSTERIA as an aleatoric instrument can be played and change using the X/Y pad the intensity, emotion, and mood. All while you playing at the end four different instruments or choirs. This produces a tense ambiance and gives you these extremely emotional textures and sound beds.

The Cluster Designer from MYSTERIA is an exciting engine. Clusters are tonally playable layers of individual voices that can be combined, shifted or seamlessly blended for a wide range of cinematic effects. When playing, up to eight individually editable Voices can be tuned and panned. The Y-axis enables switching between clusters, with granular control over the tonal results.

Using MYSTERIA on a scene you get a playable instrument that allows you to play textures that are unique compared to many other libraries that give your textures and sound beds. The uniqueness comes from that you can play this library as an instrument and go through four layers of sounds that combined offer you to blend the tone and the vibe of a scene as required by the pictures you are scoring too.

You can create instant creepy tones that are playable and the exceptional MYSTERIA instruments and blending 4 sound sources. With another aleatoric music library, you can play a tone and it does not move, when you need to change the tone to follow the mood of the scene MYSTERIA gives you the option to blend a sound that is based on four different moods or variations of a single one.

Aleatoric libraries are a part of the favorite tools for any trailer and tv composers who require to supplement tension to their creations. Of course, the obvious purpose of MYSTERIA is in horror and thriller films.

Any composer and sound designer who works professionally on movies that need that tension you can easily create with this aleatoric library will add MYSTERIA to their range of libraries as the business return will be instant on the first project where they can use this very special aleatoric instrument. The next market that demands this library is for anyone who works on Trailer, Ads or Games. For a Filmmaker who is used to run-and-gun filmmaking this one is an excellent addition when working on an action or horror oriented short.

Rating:  Five Out of Five Stars

The Thrill library is exceptional and MYSTERIA has done it again and produced as outstanding and leading atonal library based on choir and close sounds that are perfect for any composer who needs to score or does do sound design for a movie that demands tension. MYSTERIA is based on three choirs and aleatory sound design and gives a composer or sound designer an intuitively playable interface with an X-Y pad with which you can blend between complex sound layers and dynamic effects.

After the launch of Thrill and now MYSTERIA Aleatoric Libraries have stepped out of the FX the only corner and you can now play and perform MYSTERIA as an aleatoric instrument.

MYSTERIA is a unique aleatory instrument for media scoring where you need that dark fearful tension mood, this library was design to do that instantly.

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Review of MYSTERIA by Galaxy Instruments & Native Instruments
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