Boutique Drums Ruby by Musical Sampling Review

Ruby under review today is the first release of Musical Sampling’s Boutique Drums series. Musical Sampling aims with this library to deliver a simple to use a library that has the right tone and sound out of the box.

Brian Scoggin

This drum library was created with drummer Brian Scoggin (Casting Crowns). The Ruby Boutique Drums were recorded at Hey Hey Hey Studios in Griffin, Georgia. This recording studio is known for its very good acoustics and technology. The studio is a remarkable location that offers a well-balanced balance of space and character.

User interface & Usability

Musical Sampling is known for offering very playable and easy to use libraries, Ruby is no difference to the existing product line. The UI is as honest as it can be for an easy to use Interface. The workflow of the Musical Sampling libraries simply truly works for many composers and their workflow. I was able to produce beats within minutes after loading the Kontakt file.

Boutique Drums Ruby Main UI

You can extremely easy switch between the included baking mixes as shown below.

Boutique Drums Ruby Mixes

If you do own Slate Digital’s Trigger 2 there are so-called Trigger files (.tci) included being used with the plugin from Slate. Supportted are all eight presets Closer, Workhorse, Roomy, Jock, Reaper, Fig 8, Driven, Bottomed with multiple velocity layers and variations of the one-shot samples for Kick, Snare, and Toms.

You do want to apply compression (right choice are Novatron, Arturia ones, or Cobalt) without hearing any pumping to shape the drum sound further. On the flip side go for some aggressive pumping effect as well as subtle ducking and keying. Using compressors (and EQ) are for experts only, you can use the Ruby library without it or ask your trusted mix engineer.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Ruby is just crazy good and produces great sounding drum track right out of the box. The sound of the recorded drums is based on vintage, rare and exceptionally boutique drums kits and snares. Ruby is wonderful when you need fast and excellent sounding result while composing, especially if you working on trailer projects that are under time pressure you can just use one of the numerous global mix-presets.

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