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CYCLE-CRE8 Review – A Rhythmic Cycling Instrument by Sample Fuel




CYCLE CRE8 Feature

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CYCLE-CRE8 by Sample Fuel Review

Cycle-CRE8 by Sample Fuel is under review today. It is a virtual library that comes with unheard sounds, movement, and energetic soundscapes, keys and pads that move or cycle. If you are new to Sample Fuel libraries, get yourself hooked with their free products here. There is also a Cycle-Lite (a free instrument that includes over 35 patches) for you to try.

CYCLE CRE8 Feree and Full Version
CYCLE-CRE8 Full Version or Free Version to try out first

We did also review REVOLUTION, PAD MOTION, and HYBRID Bundle all developed by Sample Fuel. Sample Fuel did send a review copy with no strings attached.


Cycle-CRE8 is hosted in Steinberg’s HALion and requires HALion Sonic SE 3.1.15 FREE, HALion Sonic 3.1.15 or HALion 6.1.15 or higher. There is no USB e-licenser dongle required, it works with soft e-licenser or USB.


Cycle-CRE8 is all about moving, emotional sound waves that while in motion are always interesting to listen to. There are so many excellent patches included which you can use straight out of the box and have them evolve over time.

Cycle-CRE8 is synth engine based on samples that house 4 different sample layers with over 675 different sample sources each. The engine cycles through each layer in the order in tempo with the host/DAW. When the cycling is disabled, this instrument is capable to create thick and powerful 4 layer pads. The factory library includes over 450 professionally curate program presets.


The  CYCLE-CRE8 SYNTH page has 4 main sample-based synth oscillators. The engine cycles (in sync) through these 4 layers in order from ONE-FOUR. There are 4 different CYCLE shapes to choose from (RAMP, PULSE, SINE, and SAW). The user can tweak the cycle amount by the CYCLE AMOUNT knob or by the Quick Control labeled CYCLE. There is a CYCLE RATE knob allowing the user to tweak how slow or fast the instrument cycles through the layers. The user can turn the cycling ON or OFF. By turning the cycling OFF, the four layers become a pad, playing back simultaneously.​

CYCLE-CRE8 Features

  • 450 program presets
  • 4 Sample layer cycling synth with 8 de-tunable voices
  • Over 675 Sample Sources
  • Load Program Presets in up to 16 slots that can be used as multi-timbral or layered by assigning patches to the same MIDI Channel
  • Up to 2 layers of Cycle-CRE8 per MIDI channel (bringing a total of 8 different sample layers)
  • A single user interface that provides functionality a user would reach for during composing or performing
  • 18 different insert effects
  • 61 Total effects via the aux channels
  • 8 Quick Control knobs to access the most common parameters for fast adjustments

This rhythmic cycling instrument is extremely versatile and powerful set of complex pads. The quality and perfect sound of the patches makes them usable as main patches in records you can produce for streaming services when used in a film just add a little extra and you are almost there. Perfect for short time jobs like working on the trailer.

User interface & Usability

With the recent launch you get a very clear and easy to use reduced Interface in HALion.


Rating:  Five out of five stars

Sample Fuel libraries are my personal favorite source for pads, textures, and ambiances. Cycle-CRE8 fits just into the line up of unheard, unique libraries, this time with a lot of attractive movements. CYCLE-CRE8 is an essential addition for any composer who needs to add underscore, pads, and ambiances to their track.

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