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Litote by Inear Display Review

Litote by Inear Display is granular audio effects plugin. In the family of granular effect plugin, Litote is one of a very special kind. Inear Display did send a review copy with no strings attached. If you are into Eurorack you know a leading Granular Eurorack Module called Clouds by Mutable Instruments.


Litote transforms sound into a moving and cinematic texture. Litote is a granular synthesizer. A granular synthesizer wants to granular synthesis carries your vibrations to the complex atmosphere. When you feed audio content into the Litotote effect it is shattered down into tiny particles and ultimately reassembled in a completely changed form. 

The outcome of Litote is extremely driven by what you inject into Litote. The setting you dial in will sound different on every sound. Litote is producing with the randomize buttons distinct sounds. Some included secret sauce or algorithm tries to prevent annoying sounds. The effect plugin is automatically driving the result through the specific parameters.

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For a professional sound designer, a composer who is looking for a quick win when generating textures that are unique this effect plug-in is an excellent buy. The granular synthesis effect produces truly innovative drones, pads, and sometimes synthesizer sounds. Just try different audio content and watch the results, and keep experimenting you will be overwhelmed in a good way.


Recently Portal by Output at a much higher price point was launched, I would recommend to go for the demo and see which suits you better. Litote at the lower price range will most of the time be suctioned as your granular synthesis effect. Moving into the price range of Portal you have other products to consider which we will also cover soon in a review.

Litote Features

  • 4 Audio Processing Engines
  • Audio Processing based on a mix of Granulators, Resonators and Diffusion Delays
  • Interpolation of the 4 Engines Outputs using an XY Pad
  • Edit Individual Engine Parameters
  • Lock Left and Right Channels to use the same settings or use separate settings for each channel
  • Trajectory Mode to automatically control the XY pad Position
  • Ability to control the Trajectory X and Y Ranges and Speeds
  • XY pad Position available as Automatable Parameters in the host
  • Input and Processed signals Amplitude controls
  • Dry/Wet Mix Control
  • Global Sound Randomizer
  • Dedicated Sound Randomizers for each of the 4 Audio Engines
  • Trajectory Randomizer
  • Option to set a new Seed for the Randomizers
  • Audio Output Visualizer
  • MIDI Learn for the pad X and Y parameters
  • MIDI Program Change support
  • 10 factory presets
  • Cross-Platform presets

User interface & Usability

The user interface of the granular effect Litote looks clean and tidy. There is not much to regulate. 

Rating:  Five Out of Five Stars

Litote is at this price level the king of very horrifying or encouraging textures in the background and as a bed for a score. This effect plugin helps greatly on the different tasks of sound design.

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