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The Duck Of Death Review – an Omnisphere 2.6 Library That Quacks By Man Makes Noise




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The Duck Of Death by Man Makes Noise Review

Man Makes Noise released their second Omnisphere Library. This time is all about Ducks used in a cinematic sound library for Omnisphere 2.6. The library was sent to us for review and preparation of the launch some weeks before public availability. You have known and love ducks and hear them most of the time quacking, after all, ducks usually do not sing.

Composer and sound designer Tapsa Kuusniemi is the man behind this latest Omnisphere 2 sound library. Tapsa Kuusniemi is a Composer and Sound Designer for Really Slow Motion, Man Makes Noise, Epic North Music, YleX, Yle Puhe.

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The Duck Of Death Review – an Omnisphere 2.6 Library That Quacks By Man Makes Noise 6

Tapsa is motivated by the hunt of the next sound, by the subsequent experiment, by the following answer to the question “What if?”. Man Makes Noise did send a review copy with no strings attached. StrongMocha did take a look at the “The Lobby Piano” a creative sound design library for Omnisphere 2.5 by Man Makes Noise.


The Duck of Death includes those sounds you need when writing tension or horror driven score. The Ducks have been used fresh and they have been modified with other sound tools and then made into wonderful sounds with Omnisphere. Sounds outlandish? The results are stunning. No real ducks have been hurt in the process, or let’s hope not.

The Duck Of Death Recording the Big One
The Big Duck in the studio

Ducks that we know have various sounds for lovemaking songs, defending an invader, express fear or just beg for food. Man Makes Noise reveals that with gift and a duck for fun you can create exceptional sounds that are not heard off yet. All that is needed these days to be unique and noticed as a composer in the crowded industry.

The Omnisphere 2.6 sound set includes 200 patches, 50 multis, and 165 original sound sources. The patches are divided into 11 categories that are easily identifiable within Omnisphere.

Arp + Bpm (51), Distortion (6), Electronic Mayhem (2),  Hits And Bits (16),  Keyboards (2), Pads + Strings (34),  Synth Bass (20),  Synth Long (8),  Synth Mono (6),  Synth Poly (37).

The Big Duck

The Duck Of Death Big one
The Duck Of Death – Big one

​The Big Duck is the main vocalist of the library. Tapsa recorded from it the majority of the raw sonic material. The big duck is competent in doing short and long notes. While it is a great singer is concentrates in uniform delivery. Bang it enough to get more colors out of it. Tapsa smacked it with a stick produces some monotonous thumps. Remember this is not a real duck.

The Little Duck

The Duck Of Death Little one

The big duck was the main source the little one can do one musical element, it barks.

The omnipresent quack is connected with ducks. This special library shows that different ducks perform many other vocal and non-vocal sounds that with the help of sound-shaping become so unique that they help composer when writing the next track.

Rating:  Five Out of Five Stars

The Duck of Death is horribly fascinating and waiting to be used in the cinematic score, as sound beds or in the trailer. Amazing what the big and little duck has been able to accomplish with the help of Tapsa Kuusniemi. Get this library if you need some special sauce for your next composition or project.

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