ETHERA Gold Intimate Vocals Released

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 18 December 2020
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ETHERA Gold Intimate Vocals by Zero-G

Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals is a new chapter of the Ethera Gold series. It includes two amazing new Vocal True Legatos that offer a distinctive and different vocal timbre from the one included in Ethera Gold 2.5 and is an ideal addition to that library. Intimate Vocals is not an add-on or expansion for Ethera Gold 2.5, it is a separate, unique stand-alone product. IMPORTANT: ETHERA Gold Intimate Vocals requires the full edition of Kontakt 6.4.2. It will not work in the FREE Kontakt Player.

The Ethera Collection consists of Ethera 2.0, Ethera Soul Edition, Ethera Soundscapes 2.0, Ethera EVI 2.0, and Ethera Gold 2.51. If you already own some, or all, of the earlier Ethera titles then Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals will be a powerful add-on to your Ethera Collection. If you are new to Ethera, you will find Ethera Gold – Intimate Vocals to be an awesome new instrument to assist and enhance your music-making creativity and it also will give you access to a possible CrossGrade Coupon to buy the other Ethera Libraries.

ETHERA Gold Intimate Vocals UI 1
ETHERA Gold Intimate Vocals Released 5
Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals Demo 03

Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals uses the magnificent voice of Clara Sorace. Clara has sung with many of the greatest soundtrack and video game composers and trailer music creators. Her voice is a thrilling blend of soul, cinematic, epic, and emotionality. Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals includes two amazing new Vocal True Legato.

Intimate Vocals contains two new articulations: Soft Oh has an angelic, flute-like sound which is perfect for soft or fantasy type vocals. This Legato is Medium/Fast which allows for faster melodic passages.

Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals Demo 01

The second articulation is a Slow Legato. Thanks to Clara’s vocal range Stefano Maccarelli has created a dark, slow True Legato which is ideal for creating vocal parts similar to that in the Gladiator film-score. Use this True Legato for slow, emotional, dramatic vocals.

ETHERA Gold Intimate Vocals UI 2
ETHERA Gold Intimate Vocals Released 6

Built using the clear, powerful voice that is Clara’s Vocal, Stefano Maccarelli has chromatically sampled every interval and sustain to obtain the highest quality sound. Although a very long process, Stefano thinks that the final result has been worthwhile. No artifacts, no fake-pitch, only a real voice at your fingertips. He also utilized a Multi-Layer technique so that for many articulations it is possible (using midi velocity) to choose between different legato styles so that you can select the most appropriate articulation for the situation.

Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals Demo 02

If you want to add some drama and emotion to your work, then reach out for Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals!

About the Vocalists Clara Sorace

About the Vocalists Clara Sorace
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Clara Sorace is a vocalist & recording artist from Italy who is based in Rome. She studied piano and singing for over 12 Years. She has participated in various competitions and festivals including the San Remo Academy of Song where she reached the final. Clara has extensive experience of musical production and vocal arrangements, which has enabled her to widen her stylistic versatility and range so that she can switch easily from Soul & Pop to Cinematic and Epic Music. Her vocals have been used in many international musical works, international trailers, TV Shows, Video Games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by Ubisoft, and many Cinematic Music Albums.

About the Stefano Maccarelli (Producer)

About the Stefano Maccarelli Producer
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Ethera Gold 2.5 was created by Stefano Maccarelli, an Award-Winning Sound Designer & Composer with over 23 years’ experience in the audio industry, film music, sound design & audio postproduction. Stefano has scored or licensed music & sound design for ad campaigns and TV Shows of many leading broadcasting brands such as Fox, National Geographic, Sky, A&T Networks, Fox Sports, Disney, and Marvel.

Pricing and Availability

Zero-G’s ETHERA Gold Intimate Vocals is available now for €30.67 €38.15 TWO WEEK 20% OFF LAUNCH PRICE. Purchase ETHERA Intimate Vocals with 20% OFF if you have bought an Ethera title from Zero-G. If you have purchased an Ethera product from Zero-G, use discount code ETHERALOYALTY in the checkout and a 20% discount will automatically be applied.


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