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The United Plugins Guitar Bundle: Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar Mixing




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Are you looking for a guitar mixing solution? Look no further, because the United Plugins Guitar Bundle has got you covered! This bundle includes Electrum – an all-in-one electric guitar plugin, QuickAG – an acoustic guitar mixing plugin, and QuickBass – a bass guitar mixing plugin. DIFIX is also included, which is a plugin that allows you to record guitars without a DI box. So whether you’re an experienced musician or just starting out, the United Plugins Guitar Bundle has everything you need to get the perfect sound!

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The United Plugins Guitar Bundle: Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar Mixing

Electrum by Muramasa

The all-in-one single-screen guitar solution is Electrum. The last amplifier and pedalboard you’ll ever need for your guitar. It’s suitable for every style and technique of playing. Rhythm or lead, it doesn’t matter. With all options available in a single window, you can get perfect sound for any electric guitar quickly and simply.

Over 300 models are available with the unique guitar cab imitation from Electrum. With 16 distinct cabinet simulations and 21 modifications, it has over 300 variations. Then you may apply resonances and ambiance to your sound. And, unlike many IR cabinets we’ve seen on the market, our cabinet produces a fantastic natural sound that no infrareds can offer.

Everything at your finger-tips

Efficacy is the name of the game. The majority (even exceptionally good-sounding) of guitar software programs available are deficient in one or more of the characteristics described above. Don’t go deep into menus, look for hidden options, and so on. Electrum offers you all possible settings on a single screen to help you get from your instrument to the sound in your headphones as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Difix – Fix Your Recording Hardware Imperfection

A Hi-Z instrument input is one that is advertised by many sound cards. However, the input impedance isn’t high enough to enable your pick-ups to function correctly. Your instrument’s signal is negatively affected as a result. If you have a soundcard that functions on one of these three modes (stereo, mono, or duophonic), DIFIX is required to make your directly recorded guitars or bass sound correct.

The output of a soundcard’s instrument input is different from that of a genuine DI-box. If you connect your guitar or bass directly into it, the sound may lose power and become flat. DIFIX uses several sophisticated procedures to balance the sound before adding a little bit of analogue distortion, as though you were using a real DI-box.

Quick Bass – It’s All About that Bass (and Some Treble)

The bass is generally regarded as the coolest of all instruments. The majority of bassists would agree with this statement. A solid-state amplifier with a good DI and a great bass may sound excellent as soon as it’s recorded, and all you need to do is nudge it here and there. That is why Instant Audio & United Plugins developed QuickBass. To provide you with a fast EQ, fast compression, quick saturation, and fatness in record time. QuickBass is the most powerful bass polisher and finalizer on the market.

Quick AG – Bigger, better, brighter, smoother

Mixing acoustic guitar, ukulele, or mandolin is a difficult task. There are so many pitfalls that it’s surprising anything works out all right. That is why Instant Audio developed Quick AG, the shortcut to the ideal and natural acoustic instruments sound.

Quick AG is a handy tool for quickly setting the tone of your acoustic instrument. This plugin has everything you’ll need to generate fantastic-sounding mixes with a great vibe from raw recordings.

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The United Plugins Guitar Bundle Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar Mixing


The United Plugins Guitar Bundle is an all-in-one bundle that contains the electric guitar mixing plugin Electrum, acoustic guitar mixing plugin QuickAG, and bass guitar mixing plugin QuickBass. These plugins are designed to help you quickly and easily get the perfect sound for your electric, acoustic, and bass guitars.

For only $129 (normally $481), get the United Plugins Guitar Bundle featuring 4 of their most premium guitar plugins! The Electrum bundle includes all-in-one electric guitar software and the ultimate and fast acoustic guitar mixing plugin QuickAG.

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