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MONSTERS & BEASTS by BOOM Library Review

MONSTERS & BEASTS CONSTRUCTION KIT and MONSTERS & BEASTS DESIGNED make up the Monsters & Beasts Bundle which is under review today. This collection of animal sounds and noises is key for any professional sounds designer. For more libraries developed by BOOM Library you can read Transportation by BOOM Library Review, Urban & Suburban by BOOM Library Review, and Town & Country by BOOM Library Review.


You receive WAV files in different archives.

Monsters & Beasts – Bundle Download Content

After you unpack the BOOM Library sound FX zip files you can then import with the sounds in your preferred application. For myself that is Soundminer V4.5pro or AudioFinder.

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Monsters & Beasts is a collection of raw and designed accurate and actual animal recordings performed by the BOOM Library team. If you are new to this kind of libraries you receive based on your choice either a Construction Kit, a Designed or a bundle of both version, with any of the three versions, you can create the sound of nasty and dangerous monsters and beast. As a rule of thumb when you buy only the Construction Kit version you have access to all included RAW recordings and by using creative sound shaping tools by SinVibes, Valhalla, SoundMorph, Tonsturm, 2C Audio, Sonic Charge, Krotos Audio, and many more you take those sounds to the next level and create unique and you beast sounds. The content of the CONSTRUCTION KIT was processed by the BOOM Library team resulting in the also available DESIGNED collection.

Monsters & Beasts – Bundle and Soundminer

If you need results quickly you would select the bundle or just the designed sounds, I would always suggest obtaining the bundle to have maximum access to the files as your needs will grow. Recorded has been the voice and noise made by alpacas, baboons, camels, seals, crows, dogs, donkeys, elephants, foxes, pigs, badgers, owls, hyenas, lions, loris, otters, parrots, racoons, griffins, kestrels, sheep, tigers, caracals, leopards, chicken, cows, goats and horses. As you know you never can have enough snarls, hisses, air releases, squeals, creaks, growls for your project.

Difference per Kits:

  • Monsters & Beasts Construction Kit: Files: 737 / Sounds: 4637 / Size: 13.33 GB
  • Monsters & Beasts Designed: Files: 80 / Sounds: 320 / Size: 1.03 GB
  • Monsters & Beasts Bundle: Files: 817 / Sounds: 4957 / Size: 14.36 GB

User interface & Usability

The content in the collection has no UI as such, the files and metadata include phrases and keywords that help you to find sounds quickly. This is even more important when you use the Construction Kit with a large number of WAV files included. I use tools like Soundminer V4.5pro by Soundminer Inc to go through the massive content included. Keywords used: MONSTER, BEAST, CREATURE, DRAGON, GOLEM, DINOSAUR, MAMMOTH, CYCLOPS, WYVERN, EVIL, AGGRESSIVE, HISSES, SCREAMS, ROARS, GROWLS, SNARLS, VOCALIZATIONS

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Monsters & Beasts is an uncommon collection of animal sounds and noises. Those kind of sounds are not so easy to get in this kind of completeness and can serve as a source to send dragons or scare the audience watching intense scenes. Monsters & Beasts is an excellent collection of not so easy to get realistic animal sounds. Overall it is an incredible collection of daunting creations ready to sell believable appearance dragons, monsters, and animals. There is limited use when you produce a music track. These kinds of monster and animal sounds work fabulously for any work on trailer and film score.

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Monsters & Beasts a Creature Sound Effects Collection by BOOM Library Review
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