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Melda Production MDrumReplacer Introductory Sale




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Melda Production MDrumReplacer Introductory Sale

MDrumReplacer — an aptly-monikered drum replacement plug-in pairing the best drum-detecting algorithm on the market with perfectly-recorded multilayer samples as an easy-to-use tool to fix flaws, replacing weak sounding snares, lousy kicks, and such like with a chosen multilayer sample in both single drum and mixed tracks in a matter of seconds.

This is an astonishing advanced MeldaProduction MDrumReplacer. As the name suggests this sophisticated tool replaces foul drum recordings with perfectly recorded multi-layer drum samples (Available free Drum libraries contain over 80 GB of samples).

MDrumEnhancer‘s powerful drum-hit detector works with maximum precision. With just a little help from you, it finds the hits you wish to replace in both single instrument recordings and sometimes even mixed drum sessions. Buy MDrumReplacer (Affiliate Link) now for only €29 / $34.

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Melda Production MDrumReplacer Introductory Sale 3

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