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DW Drum Enhancer by Audified Review




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DW Drum Enhancer by Audified Review

DW Drum Enhancer was designed by Audified to be very accessible by allowing you to just make a choice of what kind of drum sound you would like to enhance and the plugin is doing its magic. If needed DW Drum Enhancer allows for some fine-tuning options as well, clearly the plugin was designed to get good results without the need to spend much time to finetune. 

Drums are a central part of many music genres, from pop to metal. They provide the rhythm and drive that helps to define a song’s overall sound.

As such, it’s important to have a good drum sound in order to create a great mix. Unfortunately, drums can be difficult to get right, and often require a lot of trial and error in order to achieve the perfect sound. This is where Drum Solution comes in.

DW Drum Enhancer is a plugin that offers a good compromise between adjustable parameters and sound quality. The individual drum-type models show the direction of the sound, and the goal is then entered via the individual setting.

This makes it easy to get a good drum sound without spending hours tweaking knobs and faders. As a result, DW Drum Enhancer is a great tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of their drums.


DW Drum Enhancer by Audified Review

In today’s music production, getting the perfect drum sound can be the difference between a track that sounds amateurish and one that sounds professional. That’s where DW Drum Enhancer comes in. This powerful tool lets you quickly and easily tailor the sound of your drums to match the specific style of music you’re producing.

Whether you’re looking for a tighter, more compressed sound for your punk tracks or a more open, natural sound for your jazz tunes, DW Drum Enhancer has you covered. And if you’re working with other signals, like room mics or overhead mics, the Drum Type selector can help you get the sound you’re after.

The Gate function on the Drum Bus compressor is designed to control the attack and release times of the unit. These parameters are governed by the type of drum being used, as well as the style of compression that is applied. The Heavy and Vintage settings use “two popular transistors” models, while the Modern setting uses a “pure digital” model.

The sidechain filter frequency is also established by the type of drum being used, and this helps to shape the sound of the compression. Finally, the knee of the compressor is also determined by the drum type, which gives the unit its unique sound. By carefully controlling these parameters, the Drum Buss compressor can produce a wide range of sounds that are perfect for any situation.

Compression, gate, 3 band EQ, saturation, and some filter. Based on the selected style, the plugin adjusts the parameter behind the EQ and other tools.

This approach makes it very easy to get good results, it is a good repackaging of the old idea to use preset, just differently and very effectively presented.

DW Drum Enhancer includes presets, those presets sound good and have been carefully developed in DW studios by professionals who have that drum recording experience from their daily work with drums.

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DW Drum Enhancer by Audified Review

Really shiny and glossy is the included saturation feature which adds the drum sounds color, emotion, and unique quality.

  • P – Presence cutting through the mix.
  • V – Vintage smooth and many harmonics.
  • B – Brown flat with a punch.
  • W – White has a higher amount of signal on higher frequencies and a balanced ratio between the even and odd harmonics.
  • L – LoFi is great to create those special sounds, it is close to an analog vibe with some effects
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DW Drum Enhancer by Audified Review

While the four modules sound great – particularly Saturation – the inability to tweak attack/release times and EQ frequencies is a hindrance. Indeed, this is an inevitable issue with any ‘boiled-down’ system that merges and conceals complex parameters under the hood in the interest of maximizing operational simplicity; and although DW Drum Enhancer strikes a good balance, by and large, the lack of precision can become an issue.

For example, when trying to achieve a subtle level of enhancement, it can be difficult to avoid overloading the signal if the Saturation module is set too high. A related problem is that, because the EQ section only offers three fixed frequencies, it can be tricky to achieve surgical tonal shaping; this isn’t helped by the fact that there’s no way to graphically see what effect your changes are having on the signal.

Ultimately, while DW Drum Enhancer is a capable tool, its lack of control means that it may not be suitable for those who require fine-grained parameter adjustment.

User interface & Usability

Through simple and easy-to-use UI you can choose the desired Drum and the plugin based on the selection of drums automatically uses suitable settings on the EQ, compressor, noise Gate, and sidechain filter.

This way of guiding the end-user is a quick, straightforward workflow. If needed you can use additional controls to do additional changes and dive deeper.

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DW Drum Enhancer by Audified Review

The Audified DW Drum Enhancer is a tool designed to speed up the drum mix work process. It features ready-made internal settings that affect compression, transient processing, EQ-ing, and sidechaining.

These settings are designed to make the work process faster and easier. However, there are some compromises that come with this ease of use. For example, the internal settings may not produce the best sound quality. In addition, the Audified DW Drum Enhancer may not be suitable for all types of drums.

The plug-in consists of three areas: a dynamics section, a drum type selection, and a hidden surface. The dynamics section is where the gate and compression are set. There are 12 different drum types to choose from, each with its own basic sound characteristics.

The hidden surface is a visual representation of the actual drums behind the pixels. The compressor is modeled after the classic solid-state compressor. According to the instructions, it should be set to a low ratio and threshold to start with, and then increased until the desired amount of compression is achieved. Attack and release times can also be adjusted to taste.

The three-band EQ is a simple but essential tool for readjusting the sound of your electric guitar. The fixed frequencies (which change depending on the selected basic character) allow you to fine-tune the sound of your guitar, and the optional LP and HP filters can help to shape the tone even further.

The compressor is another important tool for shaping the sound of your guitar, and the decision of whether to place it before or after the EQ can have a significant impact on its behavior. With so many possibilities at your disposal, getting lost in the details is easy. But with a little experimentation, you’ll be able to find the perfect sound for your drum sound or track.

The final third area on the mixing board is dedicated to saturation. According to the instructions, models of amplifier tubes are at work here. In various versions (Presence, Vintage, Brown, White, and LoFi), ensure that the signal is enriched with overtones. A level indicator is specially designed to be able to visually assess the proportion of saturation.

This feature is essential in order to get the perfect sound mix. Without it, the sound would be flat and lifeless. The saturation feature adds depth and character to the sound, making it more exciting and interesting to listen to.


The character of a drum’s sound is determined by the type of drum. The four main categories of drums are KICK, SNARE, TOMS, and OTHER. Each category has its own unique sound that is determined by the material the drum is made out of and the way it is played. For example, a kick drum is typically made out of wood or metal and has a deep, resonant sound. A snare drum is usually made out of plastic or metal and has a sharp, piercing sound.

Toms are typically made out of wood or metal and have a mellower sound. The other category includes drums such as the Overheads, Bus, and Room. These drums typically have a more subtle sound that is often used to add texture to a track.

By choosing one of these drum types, many settings are made in the background so that you cannot influence yourself. This includes the EQ frequencies for the Hi/Mid/Low controls as well as the control times and control characteristics of the compressor. By understanding how these settings work, you can better control the overall sound of your drums.

In a mix, the drums can often get lost in the shuffle, especially if there’s a lot going on. The saturation section can help to bring them out, giving them more a character. By adjusting the saturation, you can go from a subtle effect to a more brutal one. This can be anything from sock numbness to bell-like clarity. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Whichever way you go, the drums will definitely be more present in the mix.

Above all, the Audified DW Drum Enhancer is said to be very user-friendly. With its various presets for different drum instruments and music styles, it is said to be perfect for anyone who wants to get started with drum enhancement quickly and easily. Additionally, the hidden parameters under the hood are said to give users more control over their sound.

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DW Drum Enhancer by Audified Review

Overall, the Audified DW Drum Enhancer is said to be a great tool for anyone looking to improve their drum sound. To get the most out of the Audified DW Drum Enhancer, you need to have an iLok account and the corresponding iLok Manager software installed on your computer. Once installed, the plug-in can be authorized on the local computer without the need for a USB dongle.

The DW Drum Enhancer is designed to make everyday mixing of drums and percussion easier. It features a simple interface with four knobs for controlling attack, decay, level, and tone. The attack knob controls how quickly the drums sound after being struck, while the decay knob determines how long they continue to ring.

The level knob adjusts the overall volume of the drums, and the tone knob allows you to darken or brighten their sound. In addition, the DW Drum Enhancer provides three different presets for kick drums, snare drums, and cymbals. These presets can be further customized to taste. Overall, the DW Drum Enhancer is a simple but effective tool for getting better-sounding drums in your mixes.

DW Drum Enhancer is a great tool for getting quality results with a minimum of user input. It’s quick and easy to use, and it’s an empowering plugin that mixing novices should definitely check out. DW Drum Enhancer probably won’t replace your established drum mixing chains, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Rating: Four out of five stars

This plugin has the maximum value of a mix engineer who does not have years of mixing drums, which could very well mean that this is true to 80% of the semi-professional mix engineers. When you use the DW Drum Enhancer the record you are mixing does sound better with the available presets. 

DW Drum Enhancer does not always create the perfect result. Just use your ear: When you like the result more than doing manual adjustments with an EQ, compressor, and other tools you have gained a great value already.

DW Drum Enhancer is a versatile and easy-to-use tool for processing drums. It offers a comprehensive preset library, as well as very tasty saturation and distortion. The intuitive interface and broad effectiveness make it a convenient tool for mixing drums.

It is very focused and allows you to produce amazing results with your drums. The sound quality is excellent and the presets are very effective. You will definitely enjoy using this tool to mix your drums.

DW Drum Enhancer is available here

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