Nuance 2 by New Sonic Arts Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 8 April 2019
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Nuance 2 by New Sonic Arts Review

Nuance 2 is a sampler that wants to grow with your experiences. The approach of the sampler is that it wants to make the process of software sampling easy and more usable.

Nuance 2 is making the process of sampling easy when you compared it to Native Instruments Kontakt or the native DAW sampler. New Sonic Arts did send a review copy with no strings attached.


You download the tool, register it with the provided serials. There is a demo available if you want to give Nuance a try. 


Nuance is a modernized sampler and can load different sound formats via drag and drop. Your samples are dragged directly into the interface and can as well pulled from the sampler to your file systems and DAW.

Nuance 2.0 By New Sonic Arts Review Vibes
Nuance 2.0 By New Sonic Arts Review Vibes

Nuance is a sampler that is under the hood powerful and has become more advanced with Version 2. It still focuses on quick results without the need to use tons of advanced features.

To use the sampler, you drag a sample or audio file from your computer into the UI of Nuance, start playing with the sample and use the build in effects to shape the sound. I would recommend preparing a sample with effect tools ( usual suspects:  2CAudio,  Audio DamageBOOMLibraryFabFilterGoodhertzIKMultimediaKILOHEARTSKrotos,  KushSugar Bytes.)

The minimalist approach of Nuance and being able to pull in effects and design complex sound is a refreshing way to address sampler for everyone. If you make the step to use the modulation tools included you will be astonished that this easy to use sampler will be your companion in designing more complex sounds and vibes.

Over the years I did use software sampler and as well “vintage” hardware sampler. I would suggest to start with a software sampler and invest some money on a used hardware sampler you can find on eBay. Make sure you get a working unit and play with a hardware sampler as well to broaden your experiences.

Software samplers are generally speaking easier to use. Hardware sample have often an OS that is hard to use – some say Hardware sampler have an operating system from hell. In a software sampler, you can do a task like editing waveforms in software easier.

User interface & Usability

The UI is clean and simple, after a short learning curve you can discover the essential functions and experience the advanced features available in the progress of you becoming more closer to the sampling process. Compared to other sampler Nuance is cleaner and more straightforward with fewer confusion features that you find in other samplers.

Nuance 2.0 Mapping
Nuance 2.0 Mapping

When I started to work with the UI, and I did struggle a bit, ignoring the manual was at the end not an option to be able to use the tool. Be prepared for a fancy not yet entirely intuitive UI.

Nuance wants to be a sampler for traditional instruments and also be you drum sampler. With the so-called Pad View, you can load Kits or construct your kit.

Nuance 2.0 By New Sonic Arts Review Vibes
Nuance 2.0 By New Sonic Arts Review Vibes

With the Piano mode, you are back to a standard sampler, map the different sounds across the keyboard and play the sounds accordingly.

Nuance 2.0 Pad
Nuance 2.0 Pad

What is new in NUANCE 2


Table Sequencers support rhythmic, tempo-synced modulation of any modulation target, while the XY Pad provides a link between the Assignment Manager and the Modulation Matrix. There is additional Modulation Envelope, and an extra LFO includes in the new release.

table modulators

Modulators can be assigned (drag and drop) to Modulation Matrix or direct onto target parameters.

drag drop modulation



Included User Samples Database to organize and access your sample library within Nuance.

Support of customizable tag scheme, bulk editing of tags, instantaneous text search, plus support for multiple folders and drives.

user samples db
User Samples Database

‘Round Robin’ behavior across layered Groups, allowing enhanced realism in your instrument patches and organic variations in your drum hits.


Rating:  Four out of five stars

Nuance 2 is utterly simple to use, depending on your DAW used it will replace the included sampler. Nuance 2 grows with your experiences and allows you to use advanced fx tools to shape the sound further and mangle the samples as needed.


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