ERA Bundle Pro by Accusonus Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 8 April 2019
  • Time to read: 4 min.

ERA Bundle Pro by Accusonus

ERA bundle Pro by Accusonus can remove noise, reverb, plosives, and sibilance from your audio. The easy to use plug-ins offer high-quality audio repair processing with just a turn of a single dial and without a broad complicated process to follow.

ERA Bundle Pro by Accusonus Review tools

Accusonus the developers of music software tools based on artificial intelligence technology, makers of software and plug-ins such as drumatom, Regroover Pro (see our review here) and Beatformer (our review here) released earlier this summer the ERA-Bundle Pro. The company did send a review copy with no strings attached.


The Enhancement and Repair of Audio (ERA) Bundle is a compilation of multi-patented audio repair plugins that offer both fast and high-quality processing.  

The Accusonus ERA Bundle is available in two levels: Standard and Pro. The Pro version includes ERA-D and is a good fit for the professional, semi-professional sound designer who works on featured film or shorts.

  • ERA Noise Remover 
  • ERA Reverb Remover 
  • ERA De-Esser
  • ERA Plosive Remover
  • ERA-D

You want to avoid the need for Accusonus repair tool in the first place by trying to capture better audio. You will see in real life that you will always have issues with a recording that requires a solution to address them.

ERA Noise Remover

Noise Remover is a very standard sound tool to address issues that come up while performing live recording or having to deal with a “tape” that has, for example, background noise or loud room noise that was overlook at the recording session – every filmmaker did run into this in the past. The Noise Remover does the job very adequately. I remember years ago when I was recording some shorts and struggled to remove the noise caused by electric interference and some fan.

ERA Bundle Pro by Accusonus Review Noise Remover

ERA Reverb Remover

Reverb Remover removes reverberation. The ERA Reverb Remover is one of the most practical tools in the bundle, especially for a sound designer or filmmaker. The software tool reduces unnecessary reverb and produces sound at the accurate location. It also supports the process to add the correct room reverb to a recording as you can add reverb to a so call dry sound.  The tool automatically calculates the reverberation profile and allows you to alter the quantity of recorded reverb.

ERA Bundle Pro by Accusonus Review Reverb Remover

ERA Plosive Remover

So-called plosives are complex distortions which you can automatically address with the Plosive Remover tool. Great for fixing vocals.

ERA Bundle Pro by Accusonus Review Plosive Remover

ERA De-Esser

Plosive Remover removes the noise originating from a speaker or vocalist who pumps too much air into the microphone. Need to get rid of audio problems caused by excessive sibilance consonants such as “s”, “z”, “ch”, “j” and “sh”, this tools works wonder for you. Harsh sibilances are now history, and you can “fix it in Post”. 

ERA Bundle Pro by Accusonus Review De-Esser


ERA-D offers in one plugin a noise and a reverb remover at the same time. ERA-D focuses on two features and performs them exceptionally well. If you need broad and sophisticated to remove undesired sound and reverb at the same time, ERA-D is the right tool.

  • Multi-patented algorithms for Denoise and Dereverberation
  • Intelligent joint mode takes the natural noise and reverb counter- interaction into account for a higher quality sonic result.
  • Dual Channel mode that enables you to use a secondary mic to improve the audio repair quality on your primary mic.
ERA Bundle Pro by Accusonus Review ERA D

User interface & Usability

The tools are all designed around the Accusonus one-knob style guidance which is very powerful while easy to use. The ease of use and the way the tools perform their magic help you as a professional to shorten the time need when you work in post. Other applications do require more involvement which equals time spent to address issues.

ERA Bundle Pro by Accusonus Review tools

The design enables a simple and elegant solution to address sound issues quickly. Based on the design ERA Bundle pro is a unique Single-Knob plugin collection for many Audio Repair needs.

The tools used for different audio repair task are swift, simple and accessible to most users.  

ERA Bundle Pro by Accusonus Review ERA D

Rating:  Five out of five stars

ERA Bundle Pro by Accusonus is an excellent compilation of tools for the most common repair needs. I used the main competition product RX7 advanced, and you get a great toolset at a lower price point. 

For a filmmaker, a sound editor or semi-professional sound engineer the ERA Bundle’s comes with exceptional value positioned well in the market.

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