XOSPHERE 2 Review – A Creative Atmosphere Engine by Sample Logic

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2019
  • Time to read: 5 min.

XOSPHERE 2 by Sample Logic Review

XOSPHERE 2(Affiliate Link) by Sample Logic includes over 2,000 inspiring ready-made soundscapes presets derived from content curated by leading sound design and virtual instrument companies. The result is a momentous achievement for Kontakt and atmosphere creation. 

Sample Logic did send a review copy with no strings attached. Sample Logic positions this library as a one of last atmosphere tool you will ever need.


After you obtained the library, you receive a code that you can use in the Contiuata tool to easily download and unpack the library.

If you run into the issue where your  XOSPHERE 2 screen looks funny after installation (happened to me) after downloading and launching the library, please follow the instructions below.

XOSPHERE 2 An Most Creative Atmosphere Engine by Sample Logic Review Issues
Issue not showing a full UI

To address the issue shown above you need to look inside the XOSPHERE 2 folder for a folder called “Presets – Xosphere 2” and copy it to the following folder(s):
For Kontakt 5: user/documents/Native Instruments/Kontakt 5
For Kontakt 6: user/documents/Native Instruments/Kontakt

If you did apply the correct fix, your interface should look like the one below.

XOSPHERE 2 Issue Addressed
XOSPHERE 2 Issue Addressed

XOSPHERE 2 requires the full retail version of Kontakt, version 5.8.1 or higher (It does not work in the free Kontakt Player). XOSPHERE 2 includes 1020 sound sources, 475 sound cores, 515 multi-core instruments, and a 13 GB compressed sample library using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression.


XOSPHERE 2 is according to Sample Logic’s their most significant collaboration which resulted in a library to produce unique atmospheres. XOSPHERE 2 is an immense sound sculpting virtual instrument.

What makes this library so unique is the collaboration across different teams who are specializing in creating motivating sounds. For the content Sample Logic, combined their sounds with leading companies like SOUNDIRON, LOOPMASTERS, AUDIO MODERN, SAMPLETRAXX, and BLACK OCTOPUS.

XOSPHERE 2 features:

  • 2,000+ Sound Sources & Presets with a limitless number of sonic combinations
  • 13GB Sample Content
  • Sounds from leading industry developers
  • The dynamic Meta-tag browsing system
  • Proprietary 4-core XY sound morphing engine
  • Infinite randomization features for instant inspiration
  • Hot-swappable effect chain technology
  • FX Animator & LFO integration for tempo-synced rhythms

Include sounds originate from a large number of categories:


User interface & Usability

The included presets are organized and can be accessed through a browser that supported important meta-tag to find the desired sounds. This is a timesaver feature to enable you to see the sound you’re glancing.

XOSPHERE 2 An Most Creative Atmosphere Engine by Sample Logic Review UI
XOSPHERE 2 – An Most Creative Atmosphere Engine by Sample Logic Review UI
  • A – Sound Core – Single, self-contained sound engine that plays a sound source with independent controls, effects, and animations (more on pg. 13).
  • B – XY Mixer – Click to access the controls for the XY Mixer (See pg. 14 for more).
  • C – View Buttons – Click the view button you wish to display to access different interface windows and parameters.
  • D – Instrument Preset Panel – Access instrument presets by clicking the preset name to open the browser.
  • E – Preset Browser Arrows – Quickly audition instrument presets by clicking the arrows on the left side of the preset.
  • F – Save/Load Instrument – Click the disk icon (save) or the folder icon (load) to save and load custom Instrument presets.
  • G – Init Button – Click to reload the current preset if you have made changes.
  • H – Randomizer – Auto loads casual settings to all parameters of the interface that have been armed for randomization. Use the drop-down menu next to the RANDOM button to pre-select which parameters and functions are loaded for randomization (see “Using Randomizer Functions” on pg. 10 for more information).
  • I – Latch Mode Toggle – When Latch mode is activated, playback remains continuous when a key is pressed then released as if the keys are being held down. Press the same MIDI key again to stop playback.
  • J – Information Panel – Displays the value of the currently selected control.

Choose which components of the presets to use to create individual combinations. Finding sounds, and presets is easy when using the Sample Logic browser method. Each source, core, and multi tagged with descriptive genre driven IDs. From there, favorite presets to save them for future use.

Breathe life into any atmosphere with ease by adding character and tempo-synced rhythm using the dynamic effect chains, FX animators, and LFOs.

XOSPHERE 2 An Most Creative Atmosphere Engine by Sample Logic Review Browser
XOSPHERE 2 – An Most Creative Atmosphere Engine by Sample Logic Review Browser

When you are looking to experiment the UI Supports you to come up with your atmospheres through the exceptional adaptability of the included shaping features.

XOSPHERE 2 An Most Creative Atmosphere Engine by Sample Logic Review
XOSPHERE 2 – An Most Creative Atmosphere Engine by Sample Logic Review Mix

All to assist you in generating results quickly. In a typical Sample Logic way, you define a 4-core. These cores are determined from four atmospheres concurrently, which are blended and wrapped via the XY sound mixer at the center of the interface.

XOSPHERE 2 An Most Creative Atmosphere Engine by Sample Logic Review Effects
XOSPHERE 2 – An Most Creative Atmosphere Engine by Sample Logic Review Effects

The included randomization allows you to create all inspiring and, because of the absolute number of combinations, a atmosphere that has an extremely high chance to be unique to you due to the combined sound sources and parameters shaping the sound.

XOSPHERE 2 An Most Creative Atmosphere Engine by Sample Logic Review Random
XOSPHERE 2 – An Most Creative Atmosphere Engine by Sample Logic Review Random

With XOSPHERE 2 you can load sounds three different ways – via Sources, Cores, or Multi Instruments:

  • SOURCE  – A sound source (sample) is a single audio sound that is independent of a specific preset. It is the most basic unit of sound in XOSPHERE 2, serving as the building block for core and instrument presets.
  • CORE  – A sound core is an entirely produced standalone single sound preset. There are four sound cores found within XOSPHERE 2. Each sound core hosts sequencing parameters and some powerful effects that act only on the source played back from within the specific core.
  • MULTI INSTRUMENT  – An instrument is made up multiple sound cores (multi-cores). Also, instrument presets include Master level mixing and FX parameters, which act on the mix (sum) of all of the sound cores.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

XOSPHERE 2(Affiliate Link)  is compared to the first version a better and more modern library. XOSPHERE 2 is an excellent virtual library especially for soundtrack composers and producer who are focusing on lounge or ambient. It is an outstanding collection to produce atmospheres, pads, and soundscapes that can be used in production to generate the mood you need for a specific scene.

XOSPHERE 2 now at an introductory price of 299.99
Limited offer – Introduction price

XOSPHERE 2 for Kontakt (full version) is now on sale for an introductory price of $299.99 USD (regular $349.99 USD). Existing XOSPHERE customers can crossgrade for $249.99 USD (regular $299.99 USD). A bundle of both libraries is $399.99 USD during the introduction period (regular $499.99 USD). You can purchase XOSPHERE 2(Affiliate Link) here. Alternative there are bundles available if you want to add the successful XOSPHERE(our review) bundle it up with the new version. I use myself the legacy Xosphere since October 2016, two years now.

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