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PX V8 Review – an 8-Voice Analog Powerhouse by UVI




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PX V8 by UVI Review

UVI has picked up some steam and is moving full speed ahead adding new synths in the past months (Drum Designer, String Machines 2, Retro Organ Suite 1.5, Electric Grand Piano, and more) and special effects (See also our Walker a Footstep Foley Designer, and Plate – Custom-Shop Electro-Mechanical Reverb) libraries. PX V8 Synthesizer is a new software plug-in based on a battleship of the 80s. The Voyetra Eight, an 8-voice analog synthesizer by Plateau Electronics. PX V8 is part of PX line of instruments, exploring the world of unique, rare and unreleased electronic and acoustic instruments.

Voyetra Eight

UVI recorded over 25,000 samples from a Voyetra. Each of the sounds is completely customizable. Raw waveforms are also available for those who want to create sounds from scratch. UVI did send a review copy with no strings attached. The PX V8 or Voyetra is unique and undiscovered, the Voyetra Eight is not the simplest synthesizer to master.


You download the package from your UVI account, the library runs in UVI Workstation version 3.0.4+, and Falcon version 1.6.4+. As many UVI products, this one requires that you have an iLok account for authorization, although it does not require a physical iLok key.


PX V8 is based on an extremely rare American polyphonic analog synthesizer, the Voyetra Eight. Released by Octave-Plateau Electronics in 1982, this unassuming 3-space rackmount synth is a 78 lb. analog powerhouse sporting 8 voice cards and an amazingly deep modulation system. With 14 pages of parameters to customize the Voyetra Eight was nothing if not flexible. In the end, it is the character and tone that counts and it shines.


Thanks to subtle differences in each of the voice cards and a powerful unison mode, the Voyetra Eight delivers a wonderfully uncompromising analog sound with rich, powerful leads, thick basses, warm, modulating pads, strings and more. A unique instrument with a sound greater than the sum of its parts, the Voyetra Eight evolved into a software synth. The PX V8 comes with 400 presets made from 176 layers, divided into 10 categories including bass, brass, keyboards, leads, misc, organs, pads, poly, strings, and waveforms.


UVI has done an excellent job to recreate this device as a software synth. The include presets and sound make this undiscovered and not heard yet gem of an instrument.

User interface & Usability

UVI continues with their approach to carefully design Interfaces that are good looking and are useful for the producer. the UI is easy to use and supports your to design own sounds by adjusting the oscillators, adding effects, filter or movements.


Rating:  Four out of five stars

PX V8 sounds are excellent. The presets that can be used out of the box or can easily be tweaked. The PX V8 comes with lots of solid bottom end. I did fall in love with the disturbing and unfamiliar and otherworldly tone it produces.

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